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    Upgrade discount change


      Am I the last to know that VZW changed the NE2 discount price from $50 to $30?  So after 2 yrs on my contract (which ends on Feb 2011), all I get is a $30 discount on a new pohone??  It used to be $100 off, then $50 off, and now $30 off.  It just doesn't seem worth it getting a new phone every 2 yrs.  I know $30 is better than nothing (it just sucks that I used to get the $100 and then $50 discount before), but I'll just pay the extra $20 to do a yearly upgrade in June.  What else am I missing?

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          Not sure how you are determining this, or what phone you are looking at. Compare the price of the phone with your 2 year contract extension to the price if you select "month to month". Even for my non primary lines it tends to be a few hundred dollars, although it varies depending on the phone and location I believe. Either way I would be willing to bet it is much more than $30.

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            It also depends on what plan you have. If you are on a higher plan you get a larger discount. And yes, you get huuuuuuge discount to begin with!