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    Separate Data plans on Family Plans


      I was looking into getting the Moto Droid and possibly two. While I was looking to see the pricing and charges I found out that I would have to pay $30 per phone for unlimited data. Is that really true? There's no family data plan????? Also I was looking for an answer(didn't find much) and saw something about a 5gb soft cap. What is that?

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          I have looked on verizons website and there seems to be no family share plan for data.  So as of right now I am pretty sure that the data charge is per line.  Does not seem to be a discount for a family share plan.

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            The data plan for a Droid is $29.99 per line.  In fact, the unlimited data for ANY phone is now $29.99.  Per phone.  You can share calling (voice) minutes on a family plan, but not a data plan.


            The 5 GB cap applies to tethering; not to the $29.99 data plan for phones.

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              Data plans for a laptop or netbook are $59.99 and limited to 5 GB per month.  There are two data plans for a phone.  They are $9.99 for 25mb and $29.99 for unlimited.  The data plans are per phone, not shared.

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                I keep checking a waiting. i call and complain about having to pay for 3 data plans for our phones so each of us can have a nice phone. together we use less than 3 gigs a month.  the greed these phone companies have just kills me.  the reason i'm posting this is i just read about a new company called TING.  verizon you better get your A game a going cause I like what I see their offering. A FAIR FAMILY DATA PLAN !!! that you can share and pay for what you use. check it out.....TING