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    prepaid account # or PIN


      I have a prepaid plan with verizon and i want to switch to Straight Talk, and keep my phone #.


      In order to do so i need a account # or a service PIN.  when I look on my account it doesn't say anything.  Could it mean the password i use to get to my plan?


      any help would be appreciated.

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          no it's your account number   When I switched to Verizon  i came from Boost Mobile  i didn't even know i had an  account number with them cause when i logged into my account i didn't see 1 either  but  the lady at Verizon called me and added me into the conversation  and talked to a Boost Mobile rep and when i gave them my info  they gave Verizon my account number


          just call Verizon and ask what your account number is   they will give it to you

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            is that just the 4 number security code

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              No   it's  the account number u need  it should look something  45443432-000001  you'll need to call customer service to get this information  or if you have an online account   it might be at the top of the page  however  since your on Prepaid  i don't know if you'll have the account number  show or not