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    Upgrade trade?


      Someone told me this was possible so I thought I'd ask here.


      My husband has the Storm 2 and I have had the Omnia for about a year now, My upgrade is later this year but I hate this phone. My question is, would my husband be able to pass his 1 year upgrade on to me? and if so, whichever phone I get could we activate it to be his and he give his storm to me since it's the phone I want anyway? 

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          you definitely can do that whichever line you get the phne on accepts the two yr contract extension then that frees the phone up to be used on either line
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            You wrote "his 1 year upgrade." Is that correct? You didn't mean his New Every 2? I know you can do it w/the every 2, but I'm not sure about the 1 year upgrade.

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              As long as the line of service is eligible for an upgrade, whether it is a main line with a New Every 2 due or a 1yr upgrade, or a added line that has just satisfied the 20 month mark (10 months for an original 1 yr contract), and as long as you accept the new contract term for the line that was qualified for the upgrade, you can then activate the new phone on any number you like, even if it's not a line on your own account.