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    Text Messaging history


      I've found where I can see the list of texts that I've sent and received on vzw.com for this current billing periord. However, I need to look at last month's. Anyone know how I can do that? Please help!

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          Follow the steps below to view last month's messaging details.

          Sign into MyVerizon>Click My Bill>under Billing Statement, you should see a drop down box with all of your bill period end dates in them, just select the preffered date and move forward from there.

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            Yeah I have the same issue. Sometimews when I log in I can do as the person Stated & look at previous months, other times its not an option..........its kind of a joke. Try askin Verizon about it & you get their wonderful automated response.......that you've logged into the wrong account or the number listed isnt the primary....................which of course is a joke because I use the same number/log in everytime....................wish I could help, let me know how it turns out for ya......