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      Once again, they are ******** the customer!  How is it I can have two EnV Touch phones with NO data plan and then I purchase a third one and I am REQUIRED to have a data plan on the phone?  What's the difference?  Not a DARN thing other than "the company decided to make that mandatory" after a particular date!  That's so they could ***** their customers out of more money!  I don't want or need a data plan on my phone, but I like that particular phone!  Why can't I pay for data usage IF and WHEN I use it?  Why does Verizon tell me I HAVE to pay for it?  Because they SUCK!!!! 


      I HATE VERIZON MORE NOW THAN EVER!!!  Can't wait until June when the first of five phones drop off their sorry contract!!!!   I HATE VERIZON!!!!

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          Oh, and just to clarify, I was NOT told about the required data plan in the Verizon store when I purchased the phone.  I only found out about it when I went online to look at my account!

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            Speak with your dollars. Search is your friend. Plenty of threads on this already.

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              UH...Yeah..I completely agree with you.

              I just stopped into the store because my husbands phone of 3 months is in 2 pieces. He wanted to upgrade to something different in fear of the same thing happening (nokia twist). He was looking at the samsung alias 2 or env3.


              I was informed that we would be forced into purchasing a data plan. I told the rep that we don't have a data plan now and don't want one. He said it's mandatory. I said NO. 


              I think it's complete [edit] that they are forcing these plans on the consumers.Here were our options:


              1. replace phone with a refurbished one

              2. replace phone completely and pay for a new phone AGAIN even though there has been a proven defect in the nokia twist

              3. replace with LG chocolate touch but be forced into $10 data plan per month

              Those were my options.If that's what you want to call them.


              Thanks Verizon. When my contract expires, I will be moving on to another company that might give 2 iota's about their customers.


              When I renewed my contract in November they didn't force it upon us, but now they are. I can't believe they are getting away with this and are allowed to do this. There has to be SOME class action suit somewhere going on.


              They are outgrowing themselves. Just who do they think they are forcing data plans onto their customers. SO, if you don't want to pay for the plans then you are forced into a plain old simple feature phone. What's the problem with getting a phone with a qwerty keyboard and not having a data plan? As if  I don't pay them enough money as it is..


              BYE BYE VERIZON!!!!


              {word filter avoidance}



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                Unfortunately there is no class action suit for this.  As a business company, verizon is practicing their right on establishing prices for the service they provide.  I'm taking Introduction to Business 101 this semester, and apparently verizon is within the legal bound. Good for verizon but not that good for consumer.

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                  Ok I recently just found out that I am now subject to an extra $10.00x 2 a month for my children to have a phone that is ergonomically easier to text with, both my son and daughter have one of the 9.99 a month phones and pay for unlimited text messaging (thank you lord) and have everything else blocked which works out great. 

                  However the phones they currently have are now falling apart and we are able to upgrade and I am being forced to either buy them a ****** non ergonomical phone no surprise there or get them a more easier keyboard phone and pay an extra $20.00 a month for a data plan that I do not want them to have PERIOD!


                  Conversation with a CSR at Verizon


                  ME. - so I am under the impression I have no choice but to pay the extra 20.00 a month for 2 phones even though everything will be blocked


                  REP - you are correct sir


                  ME - why is that ? it is not logical


                  REP - it is because of all the bad apples out there that were taking advantage of the data service (get it now etc.) and calling back and stating it was an error and requesting a refund.so verizon has opted to charge a flat 9.99 for upto 25mb of service.


                  ME - even though I have everything blocked I will still have to pay ?


                  REP - yes sir it is not fair and we understand that but due to some bad apples taking advantage it is now policy




                  I DO NOT WANT MY CHILDREN TO HAVE ANY ACCESS TO THE WEBPERIOD but yet if I choose to allow this I will have to police them and thier phone charges good lord.... REALLY... Verizon - have you lost your minds have you finally stooped so low as to charge middle america for services they do not want I assure you that in time you will begin to lose your customer base I can guarentee that.


                  Verizon really needs to go back to the drawing board as a PARENT of 2 chidren and we do not want them to have access to anything other than text messaging then we should have the option to opt out of the package period! and not be told we have no choice but to pay the additional FEE.


                  Final statement -


                  I hate you verizon and I hope your company will learn it's fate real soon



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                    I am truly surprised VZ is handling calls in such a manor by playing the Blaming Game. They have forgotten the value of great customer service and offering choices.

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                      I feel the pain. I have 4 env phones and one needs to be upgraded. It will cost me $480 per year for the data plans.

                      I could have upgraded last month it they bothered to tell me.


                      Verizon wireless has become like the original Verizon (land lines) who has the worst service of any company ever.


                      I do about $20,000 in telecom a year and give no of it to verizon. Now I will take my $4000 per month business acount to anyone else.


                      I also won't us fios.

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                        I understand your concerns about the new calling plan changes.  As of 1-18-09 if you have a phone other than a simple feature phone, you will be required to get a data package.  You can view the simple feature phones by going to the website and clicking on the Phones and Accessories tab, then click on Cell phones and hover over to Simple Features Phones.

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                          okay im not the most literate of people when i type but here i go .

                          {please keep your posts courteous} We currently have phone that are nicer than the so called simple phones. Oh and get this . WE ARE NOT USING DATA . i like others have zero reasons to ever use a phone no matter how nice it is to get on the internet . The 3 inch screen and the slow browsing does nothing for me. I have a real computer with a 40 mb cable at home and its Unlimited data , and it really means unlimted . How the heck is 5gig called unlimited? did the definition of unlimited change?



                          Now for the second part of my rant . Ive been a verizon customer for over 8 years . And yes i like many will admit they have had great customer service til now . Im currently able to use my NE2 for newer phones. But i like many want a nice phone. We should be able to pick out what phones we like . But after clicking Upgrade my bill would be $32 more a month . Cuzz they only have 1400 mins now and 700 mins isn't gonna get it , Add the $20 a month for a service id never use and we got a real issue.


                          So $32 extra a month x 12 months x 2 more years = $384 extra a year and  a extra $768 for the 2 years renewed if i got new phones. Does that look like a deal or what? $768 extra dollars to use my phones exactly the same way i am now? I talk and text alot. Thats it and will always be it. Im not seeing anything here that makes me feel as a loyal customer im being taken care of in the least .


                          Theres Millions of people i bet that use their phones strictly for voice and texting and could care less about data ever. Verizon is telling us if we think we deserve nicer phones that actually have a decent keyboard that big guys with fat fingers can actually text on and if we like music and cameras etc we will be paying for it. I understand you get what you pay for but to tell me to go back to a ****** phone with no options isn't gonna happen.



                          Just cuzz these forums arn't flooded by the millions of people doesn't mean this is gonna blow over. Just means that many of them havn't gone to upgrade lately. 


                          They even charging this fee if its blocked , or if your phone dares break and you have a phone that can access the interenet and your not on a data contract . LOL thats way fair.



                          People are saying in america if you don't like it then don't buy it. Sure thats one way to look at it . The other way to look at is I should pay for what i USE.


                          And my closing thought . $9.99 for 25 mb's. People do realise that 25mb's is like 5 MP3 songs. Since you can't block the data on these phones and your kids are running around with them on the loose . Are you telling me they not gonna go over that baby 25 mb's? Get real they said this charge is so people are saved the huge bills. I guarentee that the bills are gonna come in bigger than ever . Should be able to turn the data off .




                          One very disgusted verizon customer, Leaving in may unless verizon makes good to their loyal customers. Verizon is just leaving a huge door open for some other company to make right by the millions that want to use the phone for voice and texting only . I want a phone that is nice and i enjoy. Not a rock that cost 89 cents or a hand held personal computer. A PHONE


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