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    Alltel Backup to save contacts


      I am a former Alltel customer, unfortunately a VZW customer now. I had an Alltel device, a Motorola Razor V3A. I used the Alltel Backup application on my phone to save my contacts. I just recently upgraded my phone to a Motorola Entice (the razor finally gave up on me). I can't transfer my numbers from my old phone to my new one because the contacts were mysteriously deleted (one of the reasons for upgrading to a new phone). All 160 contacts are on my Alltel Backup plan. I took my newly activated phone to a Verizon Wireless store and there was absolutely nothing they could do for me, after waiting 30 minutes to be helped. The only thing they told me was that I would be able to go onto the Alltel website, log in with my old alltel account username and password and get the contacts that way. This is where the big problem begins. I go to the website and attempt to log in and it cannot register my old account. It does not recognize my username or phone number. I am 100% sure that I used the correct username, password, and phone number. There are four lines on my plan, two of which have Alltel phones. Is there any way possible I can get my contacts back without having to either ask everyone for their numbers or make a facebook page with the title "Verizon lies, so I need phone numbers"? ...Also tried calling Alltel customer support and it directed me to Verizon customer support....then I realized that my new wireless customer support isn't 24 hours like Alltel. Just another reason added to the list as to why I dislike VZW so much.

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          If you have a Verizon Wireless device and a Alltel Plan, unfortunately there is not away online for you to retrieve your contacts. You do have the option, for future references, to change over to a Verizon Wireless Plan and use the Backup Assist Program.