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    ringback tone not working


      i am very furious. for three days my ringback has been that **bleep** classical bull****. i purchased a ringback things thinking they would be easy. they are not. i cannot call verizons **bleep** customer service because i work nights and dont have time to deal with them during the day, and it is very freakin inconvienent that (unlike alltel) they dont have freaking 24hr customer service. please help. ive done everything i need to do in the ringback manager thing. idk **bleep** is going on. please help.

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          Call #RBT (#728) from your mobile phone to manage your RBT and change your default RBT from classical music to the song you purchased.


          What the bleep happened is when you bleeping purchased the RBT from either your phone or online, you didn't bleeping see the option when you were asked if you wanted to make the RBT you purchased your bleeping default RBT song. If you don't bleeping do that, this is what bleeping happens. Have a bleeping nice day! :smileyvery-happy:

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            just tried that and it told me i had three options:

            to browse and purchase from whats hot (1)

            to browse and purchase from whats new (2)

            to cancel your ringback tone (3)


            to manage your ringback tones visit:



            i went to the website and it brought me back to the same place i started, and no matter what i do with the arrangement of ringbacks it just doesnt work!





            Thanks :smileyhappy:



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              Sorry about having some fun at your expense. Also, I honestly thought that #RBT allowed you manage the RBT.



              • Next, sign in with your My Verizon username (you must register first and set up a password)


              • Underneath the banner for Ringback Tone Manger, you will see icons with musical notes for any RBT songs you've purchased and also a bell icon for the standard ringback tone.


              • Click on the icon with the musical note of the song you want as your default RBT and drag/move it over to the right column of the page where you will see header "Defaults" underneath which is My Default. Drop the RBT icon you moved from the left on top of the My Default tab.


              If you want to get fancy, you can assign different RBTs to contacts and days of the week by dragging them over.


              See the attachment for what you should see when logged in.


              Another option to manage your RBT is to download the application VZW Tones Deluxe.  If the above doesn't work for you, let me know and I can post the instructions from VZW TD.



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                yeah tried that :smileysad: still the same boring classical.


                Whats next?


                Again thanks for your help

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                  Darn, I wanted to go to bed but you are in sad shape partner so let's try this. I see from your profile that you have a Blackberry. Do this to download VZW Tones to your phone.


                  Open your Blackberry Web Browser and go to the VZW Today page (http://wap.vzw.mcore.com)


                  Click on the link for Get Apps


                  Click on the link for VZW Tones


                  Click on the link for Download VZW Tones


                  Click on the Download button


                  Click on the link to Run after you see the message "The application was successfully installed"


                  Click on Agree for the Terms and Conditions


                  From the VZW Tones main page, click on the icon for the wrench to Manage


                  Click on the link for Manage Ringbacks (not Ringtones)


                  Click on the link for My Settings


                  Click on the link for My Default Ringback. This allows you to view and set your default. That's as far as I can go on this since I don't have any RBTs purchased. Anyone else care to add anything I might have missed?


                  One more thing, did you perhaps add RBT to your phone as a feature but haven't purchased a song yet? Or, did you purchase a ringtone instead? If you add the RBT feature online from My Verizon or through your handset, you still have to purchase a song to make it your default RBT, otherwise you'll lear that lovely classical music all the time.


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                    hi my mom had the same problem I went and logged in at verizonwireless.com them went to shop media clicked manage then clicked on ringback manager on the screen had to drag the ringback to everyday and it fixed the problem immediately no more classical the god...good luck to u