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    Droid not receiving incoming calls


      Twice in the past week my Droid has failed to receive incoming calls. On Friday, my mom tried to call me around 7:20 and got one ring and then was sent straight to voicemail. During this time, the phone had 2-3 bars of signal and the 3G was working fine. I got a few emails before 9, at which point she sent me an email explaining the issue and asking me to call. Once I made the call, the missed call and voicemail she had left magically appeared. I restarted the phone and had her call back, and that time the call went through.


      Last night, a friend said she would call around 11:30. I checked my phone at that time and had signal and 3G, but I didn't get the call. I figured she went to sleep and followed suit myself. This morning when my alarm went off for work, I checked my email and then saw that I had a voicemail timestamped at 1:17am. I listened and the message itself stated it was left at 11:26pm that night - the time I was expecting a call. The story was the same: the phone went straight to voicemail for her.


      So obviously it's not a good thing to have my phone sitting around and not receiving calls. Has anyone else had this issue or at least come up with some ideas to try?

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          I have also had this problem recently where I will not get a call or sms message until I restart my phone.

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            I am also having the exact same problem.  I can make calls but am not receiving any phone calls.  I tried resetting my phone and dialing *228 and following the instructions but i'm still having the same problem.  Also, text messages take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to be received by my phone.  I don't know what's wrong.  Can somebody please help?


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              This problem is likely not your Droid, or any handset for that matter. This is a Verizon network problem with the Lucent technology they use at the cell sites. The biggest challenge is to contact the right technician then stay after them until they correct the problem.


              To get this problem fixed you need to use Linkedin, facebook, or whatever method available to locate and connect with a System Performance Engineer in your area. Then stay on his case consistantly until the problem is fixed.


              I just went through this process. It took the better part of two years - testing from a landline daily and emailing the tech every time it failed - before the problem resolved. In the end, the tech, at Lucent's direction, dissabled the cell site functional test. Since then my calls have come in reliably.


              Now that the problem has been resolved, the issue and the fix are logged in their system. Other techs can look it up and find out exactly what needs to be done.


              Good luck!

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                 have also had this problem recently where I will not get a call or sms message until I restart my phone.