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    Motorola Droid-emails delayed


      I have the Droid and I love it, but seem to have issues with email.  My email provider is Verizon, and it seems that my emails are very much delayed in getting to my device.  I could have many emails come in, but I don't see them on my Droid. I have sync on all the time.  Then there are times when I'll get all my emails at once, and some are old.  Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions or settings i need to change?

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          I’ve had the same problem since I got it on January 6th.  I used to get e-mail quicker with the Mobile E-mail application on my enV Touch.  I figured I’d get it quicker now since it is always syncing in the background.  Is there an application or feature that needs to be enabled to take advantage of the Real-Time sync that is advertised for e-mail?

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            Have you tried setting your email check frequency to 5 mins? The Gmail account will normally sync real time, but any POP3/IMAP will need to be refreshed or checked automatically by the phone itself.


            In the E-mail application go to Menu > Account Settings > Email check frequency > Every 5 minutes.


            If this doesn't help, then you might need to reset the email application.


            This will delete any emails, files, settings, accounts, etc.. from the Droid:

            Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > *Menu Key* > Filter (Select All) > Go to Email > Clear Data.




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              I have the same problem and the VZ store restored the e-mail account and that didn't helped. Then their recommendation to fix the problem is as follow:

              1- set up your Gmail account

              2- Go to Vz and forward your Vz e-mail to Gmail

              3- It works but now you won't get your Vz e-mail in your desktop or portable computers.


              I am very unhappy with the fact that in order to use this phone you have to use shortcuts. 

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                My gmail gets delayed, i have it set so that it erases when I erase them on my phone.. and no go. Its a bit anmoying but i can live with it. I guess. The rest of the phone makes up for it.
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                  im having the same problem with my moto. im using a POP3 account and more often than not, im not receiving emails when i know im constantly receiving emails during the day. what i have noticed, if i re-boot the device only then will it start getting emails. any quick solution for this problem?

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                    It's not the phone, its the fact that almost *nobody's* email servers actually follow a true an pure implementation of the pop3 or IMAP protocol. Almost every email server has added "features" that often break email clients in some way.


                    (Microsoft tends to be the worst offender in this category, it's often called "Embrace and Extend and Extinguish". It's a way for Microsoft, or other company, to initially embrace a standard, add features that only work with your clients, then attempt to take control of the standard so that only your own clients work with it, because of the proprietary and unreleased code that is used between the different proprietary implementations of the protocol.)


                    I have no idea what email server Verizon is using, but I suspect that to support windows mobile devices smoothly, (and have been around for many years) it is either Microsoft, or at least has some proprietary Microsoft protocols/extensions built-in, which very well could be causing problems for Android devices.


                    Another option, rather than pushing your emails from your Verizon account to your Gmail account, is to go into your gmail account settings and have it check your Verizon account. You can tell Gmail to leave the messages on the server, which will allow you to still get your emails on your desktop or web interface. I know it's just a work-around, but at least it should get your email in a timely manner with Verizon's broken servers.