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    Verizon Loyalty Plan?


      I heard verizon has loyalty plans for people to add on if you don't talk much but still need minutes? I have the messaging only plan from verizon right now, love it. but still use minutes here and there. like 20 a month? i know verizon has loyalty plans, does anyone know what kind, how many minutes and how much? and do they have any that just have unlimited nights and weekends? any help and info would be appreciated thanks :smileyhappy:

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          Yes, verizon does have a Loyalty Plan. It is $59.99 for the first two lines. It has 550 anytime min, unlimited night and weekend, and unlimited mobile to mobile.

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            At only 20 minutes per month talk time, you are better off paying by the minute - and keeping your text only plan.  If you find you are using more than 140-150 minutes (@ $.45 per minute rate, that's the $59.99 basic plan that gives you 450 minutes) then go for the BASIC plan, but adding texting will up the cost as well.


            You've got a lot of minutes to add to your 20 before you'll pay more per minute than you will pay for a plan.  Stay with what you have, is my advice!!

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              I called VZN because I wanted to switch to a prepaid as my $39.99 plan was getting to be too much and I don't use the phone as much as most people.


               The  agent suggested the Nationwide Loyalty 50 plan It's $20 monthly access charge, 50 monthly general allowance minutes and 45 cents per minute after allowance.


              250 nights & weekends free, 250 off peak allowance and 45 cents per min after allowance.


              Pay as you Use Megabyte Data at $1.99 per megabyte.


              My first bill was for $33.38 and my second (current) bill is $26.32


              I was paying about $47-$50 on my the old Plan  and I hardly used it And I never text. On this bill I used 33 of the 50 Allowance minutes.


              I've noticed that this plan is not on the website. I guess you have to ask for it or they'll suggest it if they feel like you may drop Verizon. I think they also prefer this type of plan to the normal prepay b/c she really tried to steer me away from the prepaid. But she was very nice and didn't really pressure me. She just gave me the option.


              It works for me. Only thing is that I don't have Verizon to Verizon free calls and I can't upgrade my phone unless I pay full price for one. I can live with that.