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    LG ENV3 shutdown problem fix?


      I just called customer service at LG concerning the problem many people seem to be having with the LG ENV3, namely the phone shutting down by itself.

      I really want to get this phone, but the issue worried me, so I called to do some research. The man was very helpful and said the issue is actually a "power cycling" issue that occurs when the user puts in a 16GB card (or other large micro SD card) and loads it up with downloaded apps and files from the web.

      He said it's partly a problem with the phone trying to access the data, and partly that the things downloaded from the web may contain spyware/viruses/etc.

      So in order to try and access the data the phone starts to shut off on its own.

      My question to those of you who have the phone and experienced this problem is simple: Does this explanation sound plausible?

      In other words, if you experienced this, did you in fact have a lot of downloaded music/games/apps installed on a large capacity micro SD card in the phone?

      If so, this man's information is correct. If not, his explanation may have simply been rhetoric the company is spewing.

      Either way, I'd like to know before I go out and buy the phone. So please, chime in.


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          Just as an added note, after some research, I found this thread:




          In this thread, the posters seem to suggest that the shutdown problem is actually caused by the battery connections on the phone. 


          Is this what most of you have found?  Is the other option that I posted (told to me by LG customer support) not *really* the problem.


          Again, I'm very close to buying this phone, but would really hate to be buying into a defective phone from the get-go.

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            We just purchased 2 Env3's - in spite of the "shut down issue".  My reading and research (and I do research!) seems to point to the battery connection, dirty contacts, and possibly loose door, as the back cover of the phone IS the battery.  If the contacts are kept clean, and the door is made "tight" (sometimes wedging in a piece of paper or rubber), in most cases the shut down issue is resolved.  As far as the memory issue, and using a 16 GB SD card - I dont' know how many folks do that.  My kids  use 2 GB, or 4GB cards, not 16, but maybe....I  would lean more towards the battery/door  being the culprit more often than the SD card.


            We've only had the phones 3 weeks, but so far, so good - no shut downs, only one complaint of an echo on one of the phones on one call.  It's a sweet little phone - qwerty keyboard is excellent for texting, camera is decent....


            Choose wisely....

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              Thanks for the reply.


              I agree that the battery and connection solution seems much more likely than what the customer service man told me.  Which is why I decided to come ask the people who actually own the phone.


              It bothers me to a certain extent that the phone itself would have an inate manufacturing defect to the extent it seems to.  Phones shutting down on their own due to a loose battery pack would seem to be a big deal...at least I think so.


              Then again, of the dozens of complaints of read, there are still hundreds of other people who don't have the problem...so I'm still considering this phone.  In fact, it's between this one and one other, but that's for a seperate thread... 



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                Hey, what software do you guys have? I have an env3 with version 6. Doesnt shut down, I did read on howard forums that theres version 3 and 4 that make it crash.
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                  Here's someone's solution that I came across recently on another forum:


                  "01-04-2010, 08:09

                  I was able to fix the random shutoff problems by following a tip I found somewhere here on the forums: I folded up a small piece of paper and put it in the battery compartment to keep the battery from wiggling around. My phone hasn't shut off in a week now..."

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                    As I mentioned in the first post, I initially spoke with a customer service official at LG.


                    Just now I called  *local* verizon store to ask if they get a lot of returns or complaints about the Env3.  Before I could even go into detail, the sales associate said, "Oh, they already fixed that issue."


                    I said, "The automatic shutdown issue?"


                    He went on to exaplin that yes, LG figured out it was a memory card problem (only this guy said it would happen when *any* memory card was installed in the phone, unlike the LG rep who said it was with 16 GB cards with web-downloaded programs on it).


                    He said that once they figured out it was a memory card problem, they issued a new firmware update and fixed it.


                    So, just another peice to the puzzle. 


                    I'm inclined to believe these reports about the battery being loose and causing the phone to shutdown too.  Maybe they were two (strangely similar) problems?


                    Either way, it sounds like if you have the latestest upgrade and keep an eye on the battery connectors (possibly having to put a pirece of paper in there), the phone should work okay.


                    Is this the experience you are having (those who have the phone)?

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                      Update: Just today my daughter said her Env3 had shut down twice yesterday  :smileysad:  We'll see if it continues to happen....her battery door seems very secure so far, but she does carry it in her purse with no cover, so dust on the contacts may be the problem.  When it happened the phone was in her purse - she pulled it out to make a call and it had shut off on her.


                      i'll let you all know how this turns out - our 30 days are up on Jan. 15, but I don't think she wants a different model phone, she loves the Env3 and really didn't like any of the others that were out there.

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                        Have had mine for a few weeks now and use a 2 gig card and no shut down issues at all here and I leave mine on all the time so would certainly have noticed.  When I activated mine it did some firmware update so don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.  I usually have mine in my coat pocket and don't have the rubber body glove thing with the swivel clip I had on my ENV2 because I am waiting to find a more stylish holder of some sort or a new purse with a cell phone holder on the outside.    Mary

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                          I'm sorry to hear that, SuzyQ. 


                          But yes, please let us know what happens with this issue.  I'd first check to make sure she has the latest firmware. 


                          Mary, it is good to hear some people are not having issues with this phone.  It could very well be the firmware update that helped, or possibly the way you carry it.  There still seems to be a certain amount of uncertainty about what causes the problems with this phone...

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