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    How To: Troubleshooting Your Android Device


      It's very common, for Android users to come across problems on their new phones. Everyone comes across problems on all types of platforms. In this thread, I'm going to try to help you troubleshoot your Android device so that you can yourself try to fix your phone so that the last step you take is to ask for a refurbished one.


      In this thread I will list a few things that I have heard people have problems with, or, have personally come to me about. I also want this thread to serve as a Hub for errors that we, the Android/Verizon community found or can find. That way, we can put all solutions to errors that we have found here so that others may benefit from it.


      ***Please note that solutions I offer here may or maynot be parallel to that of HTC's, Google's or Motorola's. At the time of this writing, I don't have access to any of the sites for the companies listed above, so I apologize if it seems as if I'm trying to "bite off" one of them. These are mere solutions from a guy who wants to help others. Also, if you use one of the solutions and it doesn't end up well...being the solution please don't blame me. You use these solutions at your own digression and I don't want any "MIKE YOU MOUTH BREATHING HELMET WEARING NERD YOU LIED" threads.***


      Lets get started!


      I have found that my phone has been operating slowly! I'm not sure why but it's not as responsive as it was when I first recieve it. How can I fix it?


      • Solution 1: Try a battery pull, restart your phone and let it load. Restarting your phone on a weekly basis can be healthy for it.
      • Solution 2: Try deleting your text message inbox. Text messages take up internal space and can snowball into large amounts of even MB that is just sitting there. If saving your text messages are important to you, you can download the app SaveSMS, follow the steps through it and then delete all your text messages.
      • Solution 3: Your phone has too many apps in it and needs to let loose one or two applications. If you find yourself having over some 50+ applications, then I would suggest going into Menu>Settings>SD Card and Phone Storage. Check to see if you're floating about 25MB of internal phone storage left. If not then it's suggested to delete one or two applications generously so that you may see an improvement in performance.


      I have recieved the error "process.android.______ has stopped!" And it asks me to either force close or wait. Why is this and how do I stop it from happeneing again?


      The reason why this is occuring is because there is one process that is interfereing with the said process you've received an error. I cannot say the reason as to why, seeing as how most every process error occurs for different reasons. However, it most likely has to deal with another app messing with another process.


      • Solution 1: Try to end or "force close" the application.
      • Solution 2: Restart your phone and attempt to reproduce the error again. If it does not come up then it was something going on internally in the phone during the original error.
      • Solution 3: If you have a task manager (such as Advanced Task Manager), open it up and end the process that was in error if it is not a core process (i.e. Google Phone, Android System, etc.).


      http://developer.android.com/reference/packages.html is a good place to start if you are looking for a specific process that is coming up with problems.


      My phone's buttons aren't working correctly, and they are not responding. Is there anything I can do to remedy this?


      • Solution 1: Either pull out the battery and do a reset, see if they respond then.
      • Solution 2: Call Customer Support at 1-800-Verizon


      Everything has stopped all of a sudden. My phone is completely frozen and I can't get it to respond.


      • Solution 1: Do a battery pull. It could be that the phone or you was trying to do too many processes at once. Or, it could be an internal problem. No big dea.
      • Solution 2: Leave it be. Sometimes it can be caught in a loop and needs time for it to work itself out. If after a couple of minutes it doesn't work itself out then do a battery pull.
      • Solution 3: If it happens too many tiems, then you need to call customer support to get your phone replaced.



      IF YOU DO HAVE A TROUBLESHOOT ERROR/PROBLEM AND FOUND A SOLUTION, PLEASE PM ME SO THAT I MAY BE ABLE TO ADD IT TO THIS THREAD (If popularity allows me to do so -- and if mods are nice enough to edit it for me :smileyhappy:)