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    Problems with sending MMS


      For the last two weeks I have had some problems, or what I perceive as a problem, with MMS messages.  I currently receive delivery receipts for MMS messages that I send out.  Typically when I send out an MMS I receive a delivery receipt within a minute or two.  Lately, however, the receipts are taking anywhere between 15 minutes to 4+ hours…if they are even delivered.  I also noticed the other day that it took two hours for someone’s MMS to be delivered to my Blackberry.  So it doesn’t just appear to be sending out MMS messages.  Now I guess my question, or questions are:


      1)      On the delivery receipt I receive, is that when the recipient opens the MMS or is that when it is actually delivered to their cell phone?  (Case and point, I noticed that a MMS I sent last night didn’t get a delivery receipt till 3 and a half hours later…in the middle of the night.  I don’t want to be waking people up with delayed MMS messages)

      2)      Is there an actual problem with the Verizon network and MMS messages?

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          I should also clarify my first question...


          I want to know what constitutes "Delivered" when looking at the delivered time on an MMS delivery report.  I sent an MMS out last night at 9:08 pm and I didn't receive a delivery report until 11:45 pm.  So what I want to know is, was the MMS received (waking up the recipient) at 11:45, or is that when the recipient actually opened the MMS message? 

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            "Delivered" means delivered to the recipient's device - there is no way to tell when the message was opened, or even if it was opened.  It means it was received on the other end.  that's all.


            As far as the delay - it happens.  It's the network, in most cases.

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              I understand that "it happens" but for the last two weeks?  That's not an acceptable "it happens" kind of thing.  If I can't depend on my communication being received in a timely manner, why bother using a service where two weeks of "it happens" is acceptable?

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                I see you have a BB - perhaps a post on the BB boards might yield better results.  I don't have one myself, but have read some of the posts there.  A battery pull seems to solve some issues, such as sluggish phones, and delays in messaging.  Give it a try, and/or post on the BB boards.  Hope it resolves for you.