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    LogOut of Facebook for Android App???


      I can't seem to figure out how to log out of my Facebook account when logged on, on my Droid Eris.  I have the widget and when I open the app, I get stuck on a friends page and cannot navigate back to my homepage or anyone elses, let alone just log off.  Right now I'm stuck on one page.  I read on another forum to to press Menu and there should be "Settings" or "Logout", but my Menu button just gives me the option to "Refresh".  What do I do???? Please help, I'd love to actually navigate and use my Facebook on my new Eris...

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          OK so I figured it out myself!!  I figured I'd post my solution so if others have my problem, they can fix it too.  Guess the only real way to learn about your phone is to **bleep** around with it long enough and try to click on everything you can.  Thats what I did and Voila!


          So when on a friends page, there should be the "F" Facebook symbol in the upper left corner... hold that down.  It should take you to your news feed.  From the news feed, press the phone's Menu button (second from left at the bottom) and this should give you the option to go to your home page, where pressing Menu again will give you the option to "Log Out" or "Settings"!  Hope this helps, if anyone else has the issue I had... :smileyhappy:

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            Thank you--that was very helpful to me!  I was having the same problem!