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    Activation fee?


      Firstly, I just signed up for new service Voice, unlimited txt/pix and unlimited data and I was told with the company I work for I was eligible for 20% off the voice and 15% off the data and the activation fee would be waived. So my first bill comes and it's full price voice and full price data and of course there is an activation fee.


      Brings me to my second point... why pay an activation fee? It's a completely 100% fake fee. If Verizon tries to make me pay this ridiculous non existant fee than I'm cancelling my contract that's not even a month old.


      Third... I call "customer service" and explain that I was supposed to have these discounts and the fee should have been waived and the rep on the line could not have been more rude or cared less. She said they NEVER waive activation fees. Oh really? Because I NEVER pay activation fees. I will never sign a contract that involves an activation fee of any kind.


      When I was at the store the sales rep printed out my first bill estimate and clearly stated that the activation fee would not be on there and the monthly charges would be the discounted rate and not what was shown on the print out. The rep on the phone basically said the sales rep lied to me and I wouldn't get any discounts.


      Thanks Verzion. You've been useless as always.

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          "Thanks Verzion. You've been useless as always."


          As always? You just started!


          To get the employee discount you had to add it yourself online. Have you done that yet? If not go to vzw.com/getdiscounts and that will apply your employee discount.


          If you have the paper showing discounts and no activation fee then why not offer to fax it to the rep you were speaking with? Or better yet go visit the rep who started your service, after all he is the one who told you these things. If he didn't do something that he should have then you should make him responsible for correcting it.

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            Well, I do realize my post is more in rant form than informational so all details aren't provided but this isn't my first time with Verizon. I've had a plan with them for the last 3 years through work, and a personal plan prior to that for many years. As well as home dsl and phone service and I've always been treated very poorly when calling in for anything.


            If I had to add the discount myself online then that's just another lie I was told at the store. I asked if there was anything I needed to do from here and she said no, everything was taken care of.


            The paper they gave me has the standard rates and activation fee. The sales rep made a point to print that out and show me and explicitly state that those charges would not be on my bill. Obviously, I made the mistake of believing her but at the time I was just thinking why would she lie about it?


            I visited the store and she wasn't there and no manager was there... I tried calling that specific store to see when her or a manager would be there and I just get re-routed to the national number.

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              Every carrier requires activation fee and whoever told you there is no activation fee was lying to you.  Only way you can get it waived is if sometimes they throw that promotion online but every store requires to charge for it.

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                I can see why the customer service rep was rude with you.  Also, an activation fee is not "fake."  It's a fee they charge, so it's definitely real.  I love how some of you people seem to think you can tell a company how to run their business and price their product, etc.

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                  Strange considering she brought up my companies discount page on her tablet and was showing me the discounts and it clearly said Activation Fee waived.


                  Activation Fees are fake. There IS NO COST TO VERIZON for activating a new phone or line. Therefore the fee in itself is fake. It's just a made up fee to get more money. And I've never paid an activation fee for anything. You can go ahead and pay a fee for a service that is not being performed. Have fun with that. While you're at it, why don't you pay for it monthly? No reason not to.


                  Oh you can see how the customer service rep was rude to me huh? Because you're such an elitist knowitall that you somehow just know that I was a **** to the rep on the phone?


                  I, as a customer can certainly tell them how to run their business. That's what they are there for. To provide me a service the way I want it to be delivered. If one company cannot provide such a service the way I want it there is another company that will.


                  However, I'm asking them to follow up with what they promised. If they want to charge me an activation fee fine, I'll go somewhere else with my business. They told me I wouldn't pay it, so I signed the contract. They however lied. Strange that as I customer I would expect to receive what I was told I was being given. I'm pretty sure that's how things work.


                  I'll play off your quote in "I love how some of you people can just bend over and become lemmings to a system of poor customer service".

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                    Have you ever run a company or taken a marketing course?  Companies don't base their fees and prices on their cost.  They base fees and prices on the competitive environment and "what the market will bear."  There doesn't have to be an activation cost for them to charge an activation fee.  Also, it is up to the company to decide what products to offer and how to structure their pricing.  It is up to you to decide to buy it or not.

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                      So maybe you should decide "not" and save us YOUR elitist rants...
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                        Yes. I own my own business. I also work for a large company that has over 17,000 Verizon phones in the field.


                        Please tell me how it's an elitist rant?


                        I was lied to by a sales rep, then told by a customer service rep that it's not their problem. Yep I'm all high and mighty because I was lied to. Really? As I've already said, if Verizon wants to enforce a fake cost then fine, I'll go back to AT&T. I've opened two new lines with AT&T in the last year and all I had to do was ask and they gladly waived the fee. The only reason I signed up is because they told I wouldn't be paying an activation fee and I was getting these discounts. Otherwise I wouldn't have signed up.


                        I'm not really looking for feedback from lemmings who love to shell out money for services they don't receive. I'm looking for feedback from people who had a similar situation.

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                          If I may be allowed to jump in here, Verizon Wireless honors its committments to the business community and if the tablet that your VZW Sales Representative said, "No Activation Fee" than we'll go ahead and make sure that you are not receving an activation fee.


                          Please private message me and I will work with you to get this corrected.  Please understand that many times this is simple mistake or an omission.   Did you provide the representative with Proof that you are an employee of the company in question?  Did you also go to the verizonwireless.com/discounts and attempt to add the discount yourself?  Either way, I can help you and I hope you'll be a long-time and happy customer.




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