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    What happens to text messages if your phone does not receive them?


      I was sent a couple of text messages last week from a friend that were quite private.  I have not seen them as my phone is not set up to receive text messages.....and, I don't need too.


      The very next day, my mother asked for my cell phone (I'm on her plan), so that she could replace it.  I can only assume that the new phone WILL be capable of receiving text messages, even though I don't have any interest in them.  It would not be a good thing for mom to see the texts I was sent, as they came from someone that I'm not supposed to see.  I have no idea what they say, but the fact that they were sent at all would cause friction.


      So, what happens to a text message that is sent to a phone that cannot receive them?  When my mom takes my current phone in to have all of my phone numbers copied over, will all the failed text messages I've ever been sent suddenly be received by my new phone?  Or, if they do show as potentially available, will they sound an alarm or beep signalling them as unread or incoming messages? 


      Or are they just lost to a text graveyard where they belong?



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          To my knowledge sent TXT messages that are undeliverable because either the phone is turned off or out the service area are retained  on the network for up to 5 days. Once the phone is powered on or back in the coverage area, the messages are delivered to the handset with the associated mobile number.


          Now, since your old phone has no ability to send/receive text messages or you have text blocked, it's possible that the message failed as soon as it was sent by the sender.


          If you had text blocked on your line, unless mom decides to unblock text, the block should remain on the new phone. Hope that helps.

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            Thanks. No, I don't believe that we had a "software" block......My mom's phone can receive them, but she won't even open them due to charges (hey, if someone wants to talk to us, they can CALL us). I had thought that mine was simply incapable of receiving. But then, I do have a text message menu.....and my brother tried to send one from my phone....it still shows as having been sent on my phone, but it didn't make it to the destination phone. This would be day 5, and the messages were probably sent around noon the day that they were sent. Sounds like I'm not automatically troubled......I know that we still have no interest in text messages, so presumably, if they just copy over the settings on my existing phone, any blocks will transfer as well..... Anyone else?
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              Eric: let your mom know that even if she doesn't open up the messages she's still charged for them. If she doesn't want text at all, she can have it blocked for free for each line by calling customer care at *611.


              You said you don't see any options for text messaging, that means your phone is incapable of sending/receiving text (SMS), but that does not necessarily mean that your line has a network text block.


              Every new phone that VZW sells currently is SMS capable. Unless mom asks VZW to block your line when she gives you your new phone, then you will get text at the pay per use rate: $.20 and $.25 for pix/flix messages.