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      • 1. Re: Motorola Droid slow to respond

        Mary03 wrote:

        I have the Motorola Droid and for the past 3 days my phone has been very slow to respond to any apps. My husband has the same phone and he's not having any problems. Is there something going on that I don't know about?


        delete all your apps, free and purchased, make sure you write down the free ones because, unlike the paid ones, they will not automatically download when you sync with your gmail account.


        then do a battery pull, at least twice in a row.


        run your Droid without apps, take note how everything is running. 


        is it running fine? if yes, then install one app.  if no, then the possiblity is that, that particular app is malicious and you should delete it permanantly and never, never, never, reinstall it. then do a battery pull two more times and then move on to the next app.


        is it still running fine after putting one app on? if yes, then install one more app. then so forth and so forth.


        all you are doing is finding malicious apps, it happens.