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    How do I find out local prefixes?


      How would I find out area code 785 Verizon Prepaid prefix number? I have the last 4 numbers and cant remeber the first three. I've tried several.

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          I don't think VZW is going to have one set of numbers in an NPA (785) with different exchanges (prefix) for prepaid and another in the same NPA with difference exchanges for postpaid. You are going to have to call VZW Customer Care and ask them to look up the NPA (785) for Verizon Wireless numbers only. They are going to ask you why the heck for!  Maybe tell them you are looking to change your number but what to see what's available. The problem with your predicament is that if someone ported their number in to VZW from another service provider, then the exchange could be any of the 63 counties or 305 cities in Kansas according to area-codes.com. It could be quite a list, as to me it looks like the entire state of Kansas, lol! Good luck with that!