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    Multiple line plans?


      I am on a Nationwide Basic Family share plan...69.99/ month for 2 lines. Why have I been being charged 9.99 separately for the 2nd line? We only have the 2 lines...so the bill SHOULD be 69.00/ month, then the extras and the 19% discount. I have asked this question many times, but no one seems to know why. I am considering adding a 3rd line, but I feel that I have been overpaying for this plan as it is. Any help?

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          If you would look on your bill, the primary line is $60, and the secondary is $9.99. So it adds up to $69.99, now, if they charge you extra $9.99 on top of the $69.99, you need to call customer service and tell them and they should be able to fix that.