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    Outlook Sync


      I switched to Verizon and Droid based upon pressure from my company.   I was spoiled with Blackberry's capability to sync completely & locally with Outlook.  I am absolutely appalled that this is not possible with the Droid, which is a much more powerful device.  This is not rocket science; it is a business decision for Google & Verizon to gather as much personal data as possible.  I am in outside sales with a huge number of long term customers...they will have plenty of questions about the Droid when they see me with it.  I will be honest.  The phone is great; but, that lack of proper sync makes it little more than a cool toy.  There is no doubt that there will be Outlook sync within a few months.  I don't know if I can wait that long before pushing back and getting another Blackberry.  The call service people and the cell reception is a huge improvement over T-Mobile, though.


      If you have the same opinion, please be vocal; that is how things change.

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          Wish Verizon would let me give you kudos. They probably will delete your post. Can't believe they would let this product go to market without natively syncing to Outlook. I love Google apps but their sync with the Outlook calendar and contacts are lame.


          Here's what I did:

          1. EMAIL: Set Outlook to leave a copy of message on server - then set up the droid to pull your pop account. It sucks and you will get a lot of spam that Outlook would catch but what else can you do? Switch to Outlook Exchange.
          2. CALENDAR: Google Calendar sync - lame and misses most of my appointments.
          3. CONTACTS: Push them up to gmail then link to facebook. It won't sync but at least you get your contacts on your Droid.

          Why do I have to spend hours trying to do something so simple that my Blackberry Storm did instantly? Why should I pay money to download a 3rd party application that by the looks of reviews doesn't work. I really want to like the droid but its a toy if it can't sync with Outlook.

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            I don't know why Verizon would delete is post.  It is courtious, no profanity.  I haven't seen Verizon stiffeling any discussion, either pro or con any device, or even their service.



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              I would have to thing that Verizon is well aware of the issue.  I know of a few people who were planning on getting a droid and did not based on things they've read in forums and reviews.  If the droid wants to compete with the iPhone and AT&T, it must provide basic sync capabilities without having to purchase a separate app or service.  That includes email, contacts, etc.  At the end of the day, exporting and importing CSV files is not productive and will not suffice for small business users. 

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                What problems are you having with the sync?  Describe the issue.  I sync everyday.  I get my contacts and my calendar.  It runs just as good as my WINMO 6.1 device which is directly from microsoft.  I would like task and notes to be added though.  So that is missing.


                The spam issue, any device that syncs doesn't eliminate spam.  Your host(pop3) should do that.  If you are syncing your mail from outlook, I assume you are local then and you are missing the point of email while travleing.  Outlook doesn't push email(that would be exchange)  I wouldn't complain about syncing issues on the mail side you should be interacting with your phone directly with your email, not with outlook.  I believe that is why they left it out.  By using outlook you are using a secretary.  My webmail does that for me.  Some places are even better than others.  HAve gmail access it, but leave it on the erver to have your home computer receive it too.  I am on my phone far more than being near my PC.


                List theother issues, and what you mean.  Just trying to get a better understanding.  I use the Eris, so I am not sure how the moto is doing.

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                  My email is not Exchange, but rather a hosted email service.  I use Outlook to access my email, but also for my calendar and the like.  As such, my contacts are in Outlook (not Exchange).  Also, my notes, tasks, etc are in Outlook as well.


                  Thus, my email does sync, but not from Outlook, but rather the hosted service using POP3.  I might add that, as has been posted by a number of others on this board, the sync will suddenly stop working forcing me to "reboot" the phone.  It is quite irritating to say the least.  In addition, the phone seems to want to keep a rolling 20 emails on the phone.  If I get a new email, it is added to the list.  If I delete an email, it goes out and gets another old one to add to the list.  I get/got constant updates telling me I have new emails when, in fact, I don't.  Hard to admit, I long for the abilities of my old Blackberry which would allow me to delete from the handheld but keep it everywhere else.  It did not keep trying to feed me old emails and did not force me to reboot every day.


                  As for Contacts, because they are only in Outlook, they do not sync.  I can apparently continue to purchase additional apps to deal with the shortcomings of the phone, but that's not what I signed up for.  I already have to sync my Outlook calendar with my Google calendar in order for that to work.  I have already had to export my contacts to Google using a CSV file.  I'm not a big fan of that process.  If Google wants the Droid to compete with the iPhone and Blackberry, it should at least offer the same capabilities.


                  I had a chat with Verizon about the issues.  They're going to get back to me...

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                    I just noticed you got the moto, not the HTC. There in lies the problems you are having. I can do all the things you are having issues with on my Eris, from day one. Sry you aren't getting the experience you were hoping with the phone you selected. I have heard vey little of the Moto's PROs/CONs. As you mentioned, I would be real upset too. Does the Moto offer a sync utility at all?