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    Droid and AOL


      When I mark an e-mail as  "Keep as Unread" and then try to find it on my computer, sometimes it is in "New" and sometimes in "Trash"


      When I hit "return" on the phone, while the e-mail stays on the phone it sends it to "Old Mail" on my computer.


      When I use Delete on the phone the e-mail disappears but goes to "Trash" on my computer.


      It is impossible to know where to go to find your e-mails after you have looked at them on the phone.


      Verizon and AOL naturally each blame each other.


      Anyone else having this problem or have any ideas as to what to do?

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          AOL?  (shivers up my spine)  ewwww... :smileysad:


          Sorry, couldn't resist...


          How about forwarding (redirect, actually) your emails from your AOL account to your GMail account on the phone - The messages will be instantly (almost) delivered and you won't have to wait for your email program to "check" for new messages.


          You can also have your GMail account automatically check and "pull in" your AOL email if you go into settings and accounts (from your PC) in GMail.


          I'm guessing it's some non-standard (with AOL that is no surprise) way in which AOL is treating IMAP requests.