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    Verizon Plans and Service Suck!!!


      So as a former Alltel customer I never had too many issues. I have had nothing but negative things going on since becoming a "Verizon Customer".


      I work at a company that offers Verizon at a 20% discount. I thought it might not be too bad switching.


      Well because I am on a grandfathered Alltel plan the discount does not apply to me. **bleep**!!! It was not my choice to become part of Verizon. I was then told I could switch my plan at anytime without penalty to a Verizon plan. Great!! Oh, wait no I can't. I need Verizon handsets if I am going to be on that plan. Ok do I get a discount on the phones. Heck NO!!!  Then to get a plan for my wife and I and our 10 my circle numbers we have to get a 1400 minute plan. With the 20% off through work the plan is more expensive than what I pay now. Why would I need 1400 minutes if I have 10 friends and family numbers?


      I also have the ability to combine billing with my internet and TV service. That has not gone through yet and I only signed up 3 months ago. So now I can't pay my Verizon bill because its combined with another service. The other service has yet to show the Verizon bill on my account. It will be great paying for 3 months of phone service along with TV and internet. Who doesn't need a huge bill like that right after the holidays.


      So no 20% because I am on Alltel plan.

      No discount on Verizon handsets which are needed for their plans.

      Have to pay more to get the same amount of service I get now for less.


      Which part of this makes Verizon any better.


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          So let me get this straight, with alltel you didnt get the credit right? And now that verizon took over the billing side of the syste,.. you want the credit right? .... if you have an alltel plan and the alltel phone number, copanies like facebook, and whatever credits you get will NOT apply. Change your plan to a verizon plan and get your credit, If you would have been with verizon from the get go, you would have been paying the same anyway right? If you dont want a huge bill, why dont you cut down on your costs? We the consumers control that dont we?
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            Is that all Verizon did was take over billing? If all they did was take over billing why is there no Alltel website or stores? Why would I not be able to call Alltel customer service? Why, oh that's right BECAUSE VERIZON BOUGHT THE WHOLE COMPANY. That is nothing like just taking over billing.


            No with Alltel I did not receive a credit. I also don't know what facebook has to do with anything. I work at a fortune 500 company and Verizon offers discounted cell phone plans to employees here. With the merger I have since become a Verizon customer. As Verizon customer I feel I should now receive this discount. Why should it matter that I started as an Alltel customer. Verizon bought it all. They bought my contract right? I don't have the option to get out just because its now Verizon. Why does that not make it a Verizon contract?


            If you read my post, and understood it ,which I feel you did neither, I stated why I felt it was not cost effective to switch to a Verizon plan. Even with the 20% discount to get a plan equal to what I have today I have to pay more money. Simple as that.


            What are you talking about if I had been with Verizon the whole time. Don't you think there was a reason I didn't choose Verizon as my wireless carrier in the first place. Alltel offered better plans, pricing and service. 




            {please keep your posts courteous}


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              Go to the site and fill out the form. An email will be sent to your work email address with instructions on how to complete the process.



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                I filled out the form 2 months ago and spoke with several representatives trying to confirm this was going to be on my account.


                Now 2 months later the discount had still not shown up. I called today and was told because I am on an Alltel plan I do not qualify.

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                  I can confirm Alltel customers get it

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                    Sometimes so-called "top contributors" don't have accurate information.  Try to look around these forums and other websites to find people asking and answering the same questions.  You don't want to mess yourself up by taking the advice of a verizon answer bot. 

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                      If you had a discount before you transferred over, you will still have it. If you want to add the discount after you have transferred over, you will need vzw equipment/plan
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                        verizon likes to tell you what you want to hear and not the truth.  They make everything seem great and perfect but it isn't.  Alltel was great.  I never heard a major complaint.  Verizon is the worst.  I hear complaints from most people I know who have verizon.  I paid to get out of my contract with verizon before joining alltel (over $600) that's how much I hated verizon.  Now since they bought alltel and my bills have literally went up 700%  I may have to pay again.  We should have had the choice to leave when they bought alltel.  My advice.....AT&T or any other carrier is looking very good right now.