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        From Twitter:


        RT @cellularchloe: @k2rrt The Casio Brigade is starting to show up on Verizon Wireless materials so I'd say within a month it'll be out.

        • 191. Re: Casio Brigade Launch Date

          Brett Favre [maybe Farce - but certainly not Farve] blew it - the game that is, he doesn't care about spelling either, and so he just goes down in football history as just another glory seeking dope that thought he was better than he really was and couldn't temper his capabilities against his actual age; sort of like Florida's Tebow, who found out playing Alabama, that he couldn't throw the football while lying on his backside either and he cried - now that's real character!


          In all seriousness, I would be more concerned with having a 'fully' functional cellular device rather than the 'newest' Casio toy with which Verizon is apparently having the same type problems as those experienced with the rushed release of the Rock; which by the way haven't been fixed since its release in November 2009!  But - wait, maybe the homework will have been done and everyone will get lucky this time around!




          It's interesting that most postings seen here seemingly dwell upon having the latest and greatest and nada regarding whether anyone has investigated or even questioned the reasoning behind delayed releases, much less whether anyone has read not marketing reviews, but ANY technical reviews that might be available!  Then most of these wanabe technofobs will be the first to post and cry foul when their new toys don't quite meet with their expectations - I know, I learned my lesson the hard way with the Rock and that experiment only cost me $70 for a $35 'restocking' fee for each of two malfunctioning Rocks [erroneous Caller ID/firmware problem] that were swapped within 30 days for another manufacturer's phone that 'really' works - how's that - paying to restock malfunctioning hardware!


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            Well, I was out of town for the weekend, LOOKS LIKE I MISSED NOTHING!  My 2 years are up end of Feb.  Looks like I will be looking for a new company!  I am not going to put up with this any longer!  First the phone release thing, and now the whole making me pay for crazy things I will never use!  Why do they sell phones with Wi-fi if they do not give you the option to use FREE Wi-Fi !  Verizon has lost there minds!  I am done giving them my hard earned money for crap I will not use!

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              this phone was supposed to be out in dec for the christmas season. it wasnt because it had problems. problems which may not have been fixed..


              i wouldnt be so anxious to grab this phone before the early adopters, those who like living on the bleeding edge have had time to get it and complian.


              its interesting. i currently use the Gzone 1. so this may be somethign for me.. however its gonna be big.. and heavy and might not be so cool once you lug it around for a week or so..


              so hold your horses and let them fix the problems before you scream out at them for not having it available.. they are in the biz to make money, not hold product off the market to make customers mad...

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                When I read these posts it seems to me that people don't want the latest and greatest gadget, these are people (like me) who don't care that this is a bigger phone with probably not as many gadgets, but the fact that it is rugged and will still let us text with the convenience of a QWERTY keyboard.  That being said, if Verizon would just make SOME sort of announcement...hey, we're having problems...it's going to be February 2010...that's better than telling us it will be in time for the holidays and then saying NOTHING and forcing us to check this site every day and call Verizon reps every day...neither of which work.  I would be glad to read whatever technical info, but that's just it...there's NOTHING out there.  All I'm asking for is some sort of communication.  Is it going to be 6 months?  Fine...I'll move on to another phone. I'm on my 4th boulder now because of software issues.  So, waiting til the first users figure out the bugs...doesn't seem to be such a solution.

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                  Please wait for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience!

                  A Verizon Wireless online pre-sales specialist has joined the chat. You are now chatting with Janasia

                  Janasia: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?

                  Janasia: Are you an existing Verizon Wireless customer?

                  You: yes.

                  You: Where is the Casio Brigade?

                  Janasia: What can I assist you with tonight?

                  You: WHERE is the Casio Brigade?

                  Janasia: We don't sell that phone.

                  You: really?

                  You: Verizon has been showing it off at technology expos and whatnot...

                  You: There are pictures of it on the internet.

                  You: And Verizon said it was supposed to be out by the holidays.

                  Janasia: Are you sure that's the spelling?

                  You: So, where might it be?

                  You: Yes.

                  You: Here it is: http://www.mobileburn.com/news.jsp?Id=8189

                  You: On that link is Verizon showing the phone off.

                  Janasia: The Casio G'zOne Brigade?

                  You: I would like one.

                  You: Yes..

                  Janasia: Please hold on while I check that information.

                  You: Thank You :smileyhappy:

                  Janasia: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.

                  You: ok

                  Janasia: This phone is coming soon, has not been launch yet.

                  You: ok.

                  You: how soon do you think it is coming?

                  Janasia: Yes.

                  Janasia: I'm not sure, it just says coming soon.

                  You: Verizon originally said it was supposed to be out by Christmas.

                  Janasia: I apologize for this but I don't have access to anything that isn't out, yes it's coming out but I'm not sure when.

                  You: Ok.

                  You: Where do you see "coming soon"?

                  Janasia: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

                  Janasia: On a site that's only available to employees.

                  You: ok, thanks.

                  You: it doesnt say how soon though?

                  Janasia: No it just say coming soon.

                  You: How early do they usually put it on your site saying "coming soon" ?

                  Janasia: There's no time.

                  Janasia: limit*

                  You: ok...

                  Janasia: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless, I look forward to speaking with you again.  Have a great evening!

                  You: do they say why it is taking so long?

                  Janasia: No they don't I don't have access to that info.

                  You: Is there a number I can call (aside from customer service) to get more info?

                  Janasia: Unfortunately no.

                  Janasia: My supervisor said we don't have access to knowledge of phones coming out until they have a set date.

                  You: ok.

                  You: thank u for your help.

                  Janasia: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless, I look forward to speaking with you again.  Have a great evening!

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                    You really don't believe that V/W should keep their customer base, potential or otherwise informed regarding new or forthcoming products including any problems they might be having bringing them to market based upon what someone has been quoted as stating that V/W might be introducing into their product line - now do you?  I for one do not believe V/W has that propensity and if by some chance they did, it certainly wouldn't be in a customer forum or blog setting; especially where only the higher end phone products are categorized separately and the remainder are lumped under a single general category!




                    My opinion is that V/W is generally a first rate company with a third rate customer support forum and that in order to attain first rate status would require focus, some basic IT talent and real management attention - in reality, there's simply no interest in fixing what apparently is not broken when you're number uno is the mentality we have here - successful consumer based forums take planning, time, talent and generally a bit of capital expense!

                    • 197. Re: Casio Brigade Launch Date

                      Not that anyone is suprised!  But guess what!  It is the 27th and NO PHONE FROM VZW!  These guy's are awsome!

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                        Not that I'm holding my breath...but wait until after the Apple announcement.  Not that you're interested in the new Apple tablet, but there is a rumor going around that Verizon may be selling iPhones now that AT&T has lost it's exclusive right to sell them.  Perhaps if that's the case, then the website will be updated after the announcement (which will begin in 10 mins., 1 pm Eastern, 10 am Pacific).  If Verizon does start selling iPhones/iPads/iTablets/iThings, but the Brigade isn't list today, then either it's not ready to be released or they want to wait for a while so there is some separation between announcements.  I would guess it's that it's not ready to be released based on the face that we have been told there was a software problem, the Rock has also been known to have some software problems, and the Rocks problems have not been fixed.  I would guess that Verizon will announce a release date when the engineers working on that problem tell them when they will have it fixed.


                        One more thing...here is a link with links to people covering the Apple event.


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                          Well I think I've held my breath long enough. Enough with the false dates. I respect that they are probably still working on fixing any problems and I assume they are not wanting to throw out another device prematurally that has problems, because their reputation is on the line right now with these rugged phones anyway. I just hope it's everything we hoped it would be, but am also aware that it might dissapoint a litte given that we've talked it up so much over 3 or 4 months. I'll believe it exists when it is in my hand staring back at me. :smileyindifferent:

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