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    Remove Bing


      No offense meant but I my blackberry 8330 memory is very low and since Bing was pushed to my phone it is using 225K of my device memory which is low as it is so although I would like to use Bing but on my Blackberry 8330 with VERY low memory as it is I just cannot afford extra memory usage for Bing at this time. On another more andvanced phone I will use bing but for now I would like to remove Bing from my Verizon Blackberry. Please tell me how to remove it.

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          I just spoke to Verizon support and they indicated that this application cannot be removed.  If I experience other issues with my blackberry associated with Bing (i.e. the removal of Google search, mapping, or other tools) I'll be quick to find a new partner for wireless access in my pocket.

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            With Verizon's backdoor install of Bing, I have lost the ability to use Google's mobile app for search.  Anyone else having this problem? 

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              Verizon's decision to make Bing the only search engine that can be used via the Go To page is disappointing and frustrating.  Why would the most expensive wireless provider remove choices from its customers and force them to use a shoddy Microsoft product???  This is not what I pay for when I spend $250/month!  Give us back our choice!!!

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                Worse than just Bing, my control (options) applet won't run and my ringtones have all been set back to the default. Since I get java errors on just about every applet I try to run, I can't even get my phone set back to the way I had it. Way to go Versizon! Keep up the great work!

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                  If vzw can push this **** out, they can ****** well take it back off too. I wonder how much Microsoft has paid them to do this?

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                    I say we just flood the airwaves and phone lines with request for removal; it's the only voice we have other than switching carriers.

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                      Since Bing has been on ,y phone I haven't been able to make out-going calls! This is my only phone and I can't get a hold of anyone! Verizon better fix this problem!

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                        Bing was never pushed to my Blackberry. I dont know why though.


                        However, on your Curve: try going to Media>menu key>Options> under General, change the device memory limit to 15MB.

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                          I am very disappointed with Verizon because it seems they have bowed to the almighty dollar.


                          I use to use bing a little, but now that they are forcing it on me, I've removed it from my Storm 2, as well as all three of my home computers.  I will only use Google or Yahoo now, and I will NEVER use anything related to Bing.  I hope you are happy Verizon!

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