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    Just cancelled my service due to bad customer experience


      I have been a Verizon customer for a long time, since 2003 or 2004. In that entire time I have only upgraded my actual phone once. When my 2 year ended a while back I went month to month, and was receiving lots of offers from Verizon to entice me to sign on for 2 more years. I recently called because there was aproblem with my bill, the person looked at my usuage and downgraded my minutes per my request. The billing problem was not fixed. No biggie, I called back and they fixed it. On that call the guy offered me a Droid if I signed up for 2 more years and data. I balked at the cost of the data plan, but since got a raise, and noticing that I was overcharged on my most recent statement, I called back to clarify the billing issue and take advantage of the verbal offer.


      I was told that the billing issue was still not a problem, that the charge would appear correctly on my credit card and that I could unfortunately not get a free Droid to sign up for 2 more years. The rep said he would have a supervisor call me back. That never happened, and when I checked my credit card statement, the info about the charge the rep provided me was incorrect as well, I was overcharged. I called again today to see if I could resolve the billing issue and get the offer the one rep extended me for teh Driod and have never been treated more rudely in my life. The guy was very snacrky, he basically called me a liar, inferred that I was **bleep** for not remembering who I spoke with which time, and still did not resolve the billing issue.


      When I threatened to cancel my account he said fine, and made no objections or attempt to keep me as a customer.


      So... I cancelled.


      If I can be a customer and spend not only my money, but my time working on billing errors made by Verizon, I do not upgrade a phone for years on end, and when I ask for one I get treated beyond rudely? Amazing. Think I'll switch to T-mobile.


      A long standing customer lost.

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          I just called in to find a contact of someone I could send an e-mail to to express my experience, and the rep told methe last guy had failed to cancel my account correctly, and she was unable to find a person for me to direct a message to. Shae was nice and cancelled my account correctly. She gave me a different 800 # that ended up not being an appropriate forum either. I am still on hold as that person tries to transfer me. amazing.

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            Month-to-Month equipment pricing is full retail pricing and that could be why it was over-billed if you were saying you were billed for equipment. Sorry that you are no longer with Verizon Wireless any longer..

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              After 2+ hours on phone calls I was sent to a call center manager. He did not want to spiff me with a Droid to keep me as a Verizon customer. They basically isolated the problem to blame the one rude call center rep that will now be "talked to" by his boss. They are not thinking of it from a macro standpoint of overall respect to their customers. At least he took care of my cancellation correctly; I am done as of Jan. 20.

              (edit)I am thinking T-Mobile. AT&T has cooler phones but they drop calls frequently. My friends on T-Mobile have reported being satisfied. My buddies phone he had was not even a result of one of their initial plans, it was a hand me down, and when it broke they just replaced it with what was at the time, a top new BlackBerry.


              Think about it, Verizon would not fix my bill, treated me rudely, and would not give up $99 for me. If your average phone bill is $100 and you add $30 (both monthly) that is $130/month X48 months for a total of $6240. What a terrible strategy to not fix my issue and lose that business. Sigh...

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                You may always express your opinion or relate your customer service experience to our executives.  They can be reached from www.verizoniwireless.com/  http://aboutus.vzw.com/leadership/executive/index.html


                Choose to "Review Profile" of the Executive in your Area/Location and then click on "Contact -Their Name" and your email will go to that Executive.





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                  Thanks James. I got connected to a call center supervisor last night who told me I would have to mail a letter addressed to nobody to your offices in Bellevue WA to do this, that there was no other avenue for me. I appreciate your response.

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                    JAgger VZW... you are correct on the executive thing... I tried that as well and recieved a timely call back from a person who shall remain nameless  just to recieve the same answer as I did from CS only with more apologies.. which was nice.  I am stuck with Verizon for a few more months then afte that I will become a prepaid customer.  So the executive thing does not work either.    and furhter more.. most of the time you cannot even get one of you guys on here to even comment.  like on the infamous storm upgrade emails.. what a joke.

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                      I e-mailed the VP of my area's Customer Service about 6 hours back. Curious to see if I will get a response.

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                        I sent an e-mail to the VP of Customer Service for the West Area 24 hours ago and I have received no response. How is this that Verizon is claiming to have better customer service than their competitors again?

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                          Ditto on the bad customer service. The only person that walks through their doors are the ones spending money to get new service. I have contacted the FCC because as an Alltel customer I had insurance on my phones. All of a sudden when my Moto Q recieved water damage I do not have insurance but can conviently get new phone with new 2 year contract. I am with you buddy. As soon as it won't cost me that arm and leg as on TV will check out T Mobile myself.


                          The store representatives didn't place battery in correct phone after activating a new one and I could have sent the wrong phone back (Verizon didn't have a replacement-I had to wait for it to be Fed X-ed). Then my last trip store rep didn't attach the back cover properly and the back fell off. Luckily I found it. I was told that "Gary" would call me today but so far no call. I can't call them because no one live gets on the phone line.


                          All in all-Verizon you get an F for customer service. Shoppers beware!!!!!

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