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    How Do I Delete My Contact List?


      I ran into the issue that several other folks are experiencing lately, the loss of my contact list.  I figured out how to get it back which was a good thing.  I decided I needed to sync my Droid and Gmail contact list so if I really lost my contacts I'd have them on the Gmail account.  This was a bad thing.  I ended up with duplicate contacts in Gmail.  I spent plenty of time deleting the older contacts and making sure the ones I kept were up to date.  I finally got Gmail and my Droid on the same page and exported my contact list to the SD card.  Somehow I lost a contact, my boss, never a good thing, and when I tried to import from the SD card things were all ******* up, again.  I tried to sync with Gmail but ended up worse off than before I started.  It seems to me the sync isn't really a sync but a copy since I ended up one list on the Droid and two lists, so to speak, on Gmail.  I finally got Gmail straight, again, and what I'd like to do is delete all contacts from the Droid and copy them from Gmail.  It would make sense that if the phone contact list was empty then everything on Gmail would copy down.  Any idea how to do this?  Is there any way to have the sync go in a particular direction like Droid to Gmail or Gmail to Droid?



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          I had a similar problem and the only way I found to delete the contacts was to delete them from Gmail and then resync with gmail.  So with no contacts in gmail when you sync the ones on your phone get deleted.  It took a few tries at syncing as it seemed to only delete a portion of them at a time.  Of course, before you delete the contacts from gmail you would download them to a csv file using the export option in gmail.  Then when the ones from your phone are gone, import the contacts back into gmail.  Pain in the butt...I know, but it works!:smileyvery-happy:

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            Thanks for your suggestion, it worked great.