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    Help on Droid "Use secure credentials"


      I have a droid, when I goto the setting ->location $ security settings->use secure credentials

      it ask me the password. What's the password?

      I typed something, and it says "Please enter the correct password. You have one more try to enter the correct password before th credential storage is erased."

      What that means?

      Please help me!

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          I don't think there is a default password. The first time I connected to my workplace network which uses 802.1x authentication it prompted me to create a new password for credential storage. At some point after that I made a change to the profile that caused it to prompt for the password which I had forgotten. I let it erase credential storage since it only contained the 1 certificate. When I reconnected it prompted for a new password and created a new certificate. Not sure what else uses it besides 802.1x but I don't think its a big deal.