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    Internet Access


      Hello, I just picked up a Kyocera 680 Express card for Verizon. I'm wishing to gain internet access via the "Day Pass" to try out the coverage in my area. I have downloaded the latest version of the Access Manager. The problem is, even in a known Verizon broadband REV-A coverage area, I only seem to get GlobalAccess 1xRTT Roaming status, even after refreshing the networks.

      Does an account need to be set up and the device activated first? Why am I not receiving at least the National Access? It says in the instructions, I would be able to set up an account and activate the device upon my first connection. Well I obviously can't do this when I can not connect? Haven't gotten any help from customer service as of yet anyway. Does anyone have any idea what's going on, or what I'm doing wrong?

      Thanks for anyone's time.