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    Youtube not playing on Droid?


      I recently bought the Droid ERIS. For some reason, some youtube videos are playing and others are not. I go through the youtube app and the majority of the ones I try to see come up with an error message stating: "Cannot Play Video. Sorry, this video cannot be played."

      Is this a problem with the phone or does this app not play all the videos that are on Youtube. It seems kind of silly if there are only some videos that can be played. I checked the forum and saw notes about deleting the Cache (which I've done) and there are still problems.



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          I can't be the only one having this problem. Anyone else having this issue when trying to play youtube videos? I'm assuming that it's because the videos are too high of quality???

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            I have noticed that some youtube videos just won't play on my Andoid phone. I get a not compatible message. I believe certain youtube vidoes have to be compatible for a phone device.Some aren't. Sounds like that is what happening to you.


            You can try to open the video in your browser instead.It might play there.

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              You know, my Eris used to be able to play YouTube clips just fine before the OTA update, and now it will hardly play any of them.  Sometimes I can even play one one time, but subsequent attempts to play the exact same clip fail instantly with an error that simply states it can't play the video.  That's lame.  And quality has nothing to do with it, because I've watched clips that I know are 720p HD clips when viewed on a desktop.  This is the only ongoing issue I've seen on my phone since the OTA update, but it's extremely annoying to have a Youtube app that won't hardly play any Youtube clips for no apparent reason whatsoever.

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                So apparently it's not just me. I'd think we'd have more people commenting on it here though if it was more widespread. It just seems silly that the phone has a youtube app specifically built for mobile, but it's not playing them. Doesn't seem like it's that "smart" of a smart phone.

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                  Same thing is happening to me.  I don't think I ever got the message before the OTA update, but after I get the message 9/10 times with non-HD videos and everytime with HD videos.

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                    Lots of chatter about this over at Phandroid.com, MANY people having this issue (including myself) after the OTA update. 


                    Mine worked great before.  Tried hard reset, battery pull, etc. to no avail.  Normal videos on mine only play every now and then, more not than so; I have not been able to get the HD to work at all.


                    Not a deal killer for me, but definitely throws a monkey wrench into the works; I certainly would like for it to function as it did before the update!



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                      I suspect this will be fixed along with the lockup problems pretty quickly.


                      I think Verizon and HTC were trying to get that MR update out quickly (just a *bit* too quickly this time) and a couple of bugs got introduced that they weren't aware of since they seems to be intermittent. 


                      I'm sure that since you are not alone in having this problem they will get it fixed.

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                        **bleep** this phone sucksnow.

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                          I have this same issue.  I cannot give input on weather or not it had anything to do with the update because my phone is only a week old and I got the update during the setup process.  Non of the youtube video's work through the app on 3g or edge however they will work in a browser and I can dowload the videos through Dolphin.  I also tried a few videos today through wifi and they worked fine and in high quality however the day I got the phone the videos did not work through wifi.  At first I thought this was an HTC issue and not verizon however since the videos are now working on wifi I am not so sure.  I can also tell you that my friend has the HTC Touch Pro 2 and all his youtube videos work without a hitch and the phones are sitting side by side when I get the dreaded "sorry this video cannot play."  That makes me think it's an HTC issue as his youtube app is somewhat different and also runs on windows mobile.  I called HTC and the customer service rep told me that there is definitly an issue with the HERO (sprint network) and they are working on a fix but they weren't aware of this on the Eris.  She put me on hold and had a tech confirm what I was saying and he did indeed say that the youtube video's are definitly not working on his test device.  They claimed they are looking into it so we shall see.  At first I only read a few of these threads online but now there are a bunch.  I am sure this is definitly a widespread issue. 


                          If you end up to this thread through google and you have a second please post.  Hopefully if there are enough complaints we can speed up the process and get something done.

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