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    Verizon customer service and retention "What a joke".


      To whom it may concern,


      It is my turn to complain about Verizon for a second if you dont care and don't want to read then please look away now..... Verizon Wireless is the absolute worst at customer retention and costumer service.  I have a blackberry storm 1 which is the crappiest phone ever made which I know falls back on RIM .. but nonetheless its a Verizon phone.  I am on my third storm 1 phone due to the multitude of problems. I am 3 months from the end of my contract and Verizon refuses to help in any way.. I ask to speak to a suprevisor they dont call back... I asked to get transfered to customer retention and they will not transfer.. just simply say" Do an insurance claim" until march then get a new phone.. So lets spend $50 on a refirbished phone when I can spend $80 and get a new storm 2.... I have a total of 12 lines between my family and I which WILL be terminating ... VErizon WIreless is by far the worst carrier when it comes to customer satisfaction.. retention and all around service.

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          Oh and did I mention .. there suggestion to resolve issues is to always do the familiar"battery pull" or if that doesnt work a "phone wipe"... how frustrated does one customer have to get before they will actually help them... they obviously had RIM develope the new Storm 2 to fix all of the issues with the storm 1..

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            How has your phone service been? Able to make calls? Have signal? Call quality good? What about browsing? Pull up websites ok? If so, it sounds like Verizon is doing their part. You said it yourself; the device problems fall on RIM. I'm sorry you're having issues and really do hope that you end up working everything out, but it would be a shame for you to cancel your service with Verizon due to RIM's poor device. FYI, good customer service does NOT mean "give me whatever I want because I said the magic word 'cancel.'" Oh, and why in H-E-double hockey sticks are you considering the Storm 2 after having so many problems with the Storm? After all, they ARE running the same software...
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              Ok it is a RIM device.. but it is carried on Verizon network which in my eyes deems Verizon responsible.. DOnt get me wrong i'm not asking for a hand out .. I am asking to be able to purchase another device for the two year price.. i cannot afford the astrnomical price of $500 plus for a new device when this one is obviously flawed.

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                Oh sorry I forgot one question in your reply, call quality,etc; the phone completely locks up and gives the hour glass on a regular basis.. sometimes you cannot even type the number in to place a call.  I have no problems with their network call areas,, dropped calls or anything I only have issues with their devices not working and then they say sorry becuase I am an old customer. and have to pay my bill or get charged some rediculous fee to cancel

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                  I'm sure you've heard this before, but just in case... Are you making sure to close your apps properly, not just hitting the END button? That's usually the first mistake Storm users make.
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                    Are you the primary line on all those 12 lines?  If so you may be eligible for an annual upgrade.  I would go to a corporate store and ask for the manager if you haven't already and plead your case there.  While there mention an earlier promotion called "select few". Many say they got it and used it and were nowhere near their upgrade date.  And I personally know of one person who got the upgrade offer after having a Storm only three months.


                    Hope this helps and good luck.

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                      I have tried that as well, but with no luck.. I have done one warrnty claim and one insurance claim already on this phone and that is all they will offer for me to do.  There has been this infamous "Email" supposedly going out to storm 1 customers to early upgrade. But I guess I am not one of the selected few. And CS has no idea what you are talking about. After the problems I have had I think I would rather just get the Droid and be done with it.  And all of the VZW people on here wont say or comment on it at all.  I have calls in right now to our area executive so we shall see what happens.. The Mods here will edit your stuff but wont comment on a true problem someone is having.. atleast thats my observations.

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                        Unless you have a true Hardware problem such as the buttons or screen not responding, most problems on the Storm1 are 3rd party apps and the OS not being installed from a clean device, By CLEAN I mean  Completely wiped of everything device, Should show a 507 error in the middle of OS installation in Desktop Manager. First time device reboots should come up with a 507 error, (No OS Found) Then Desktop Manager should continue to install a clean new operating system. If you did not receive the 507 message when upgraded to 5.0 software you will have problems. I am on my original Storm 1 from Feb., and never had a problem that couldn't be solved with deleting a bad app or making sure the device was wiped before a clean install of a new OS.


                        Do you have any Idea how many Storm 1 devices are out there? Verizon could go bankrupt trying to replace every single device with something new everytime someone complains or has a problem, Best that they can do is replace with a refurb and try to get something working for you. Remember there are some hardware problems too but 75 percent of problems can be resolved through the software.

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                          P.S. Forgot one thing, I have had Nextel, Sprint and AT&T over the years, Verizon is the BEST all around Service provider out there in Customer Service, Quality Calling, 3g Data.

                          If you feel you need to switch, be my guest, but you have been for warned, Beware the Nightmares of other carriers. I have been there.

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