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    Motorola droid not charging


      I got my Motorola droid yesterday.  I activated it, then tried to charge it.  The battery symbol at the top just had a ? on it.  It does not appear to be charging.  I turn it OFF then plug it in and it comes turns ON.  Also the white light next to the USB charger is not on, it goes on for like 1 seconds then its off.   I did install the new update.  Does anyone know what might be the problem?  I can't figure it out and may have to take it to a verizon store.

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          Although it is recommended that you fully charge the phone before using it for the first time, I'm not sure this could have caused your issue. Have you tried charging it using the USB cable and a computer? Could be a defective charger which would explain the ? over the battery symbol. You might also want to try popping the battery out and reinserting it.