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    Billed for excessive data airtime minutes--WHEN PHONE WAS OFF!!


      I am fuming. Someone in customer service is going to have a very uncomfortable conversation with me tomorrow morning.


      Recieved our bill this month and noticed it was $55 higher than it should be. Turns out that my  phone apparently had 10 hours of out of network calls last month. REally?! 10 hours!! The only person I call is my husband, and he in also with Verizon, so I'm not charged for calling him.


      So I looked up my call list. Has over 800 calls listed as "data airtime" and occuring at all hours of the day. There are roughly 25 calls listed per day, most of them 1-2 minutes each, and 10-15 minutes apart. The interesting thing is, many of the calls were "made" during the middle of the night...1 am, 2 am, 3 am, and so forth, WHILE MY PHONE WAS TURNED OFF!! How on earth does this kind of thing happen?


      I make, maybe 5 calls during the day, certainly not 25. I don't use internet, messaging, texting, photos, or ANY other feature than simply calling my husband at work occasionally. I am SO disgusted with Verizon, we are MOST certainly changing companies the instant our contract expires in a few months.


      Has anyone else run into this problem?

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          Just call it in, im sure theres an explanation. EVERYTHING your cell phone does gets recorded, your cell phone reports to the tower usually evey 10 minutes so they should tell you if its legit or not. Also, someone in customer service having a comfortable time speaking to you? LOL I doubt it as they are the ones getting payed to listen to you and Im sure they speak with much more worse issues than yours LOL yours seems like a simple billing issue.
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            Actually, they had a very uncomfortable conversation with my husband, who ended up demanding that he be transferred to a supervisor to remove the charges for these data calls that were made automatically by his phone without anyone even touching the phone.


            The customer service representative is being paid, by us, to help us, right? Apparently not. She argued with my husband, saying that there was no way his phone could be doing such a thing, when we've seen it happen right in front of our eyes. She told us she could not refund the charge and that we would have to accept it, along with numerous other "mysterious" charges that have showed up on our bill that we did not authorize.


            Apparently, no supervisor was available at the time, so they will be calling us back...right. We'll end up calling them back because they don't want to mess with us and pay us for what they've screwed us over for. This is unbelievable. I will be reporting Verizon to the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General's office, and our local television stations. Alltel never did this to us and I'm shocked at what a change we've seen in our bills, mainly extra charges we did not authorize. Hundreds of dollars in charges, in fact. Unbelievable.


            No one in customer service is willing to help us out and we'll fight for this until we get these charges removed.


            From the sound of it, perhaps you work in customer service, too? I seem to recognize the snarky demeaning tone of your post as being very similiar to the woman in customer service this morning...

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              All I can say is get used to it.  We were switched over from Alltel to Verizon in October, and our first bill we were over minutes because we had some absurb amount of DATA call minutes.  Most in the middle of the night, or while we were working etc..  If you Google the number, 000000 whatever the rest is, this happens to thousands of Verizon customers.  There is going to be a class action suit against them, and they have been reported to the regulations department.


              You have to be firm and demand they reimburse you for the minutes.  I have had them put a block on the feature and as of today, 3 months later I still have Data usage on my bill.  They are crooks, and it is getting very old that I need to spend so much of my time anylizing my bill then being on the phone with these people for sometimes 40-50 minutes at a time to try and rectify the situation. 


              I miss Alltel, I never had any problems in 6 years with them.

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                How can you hear my "tone" over text? and NO I do not work for customer service. I did worked for dish network for a while if you must know, which im not sure why that even matters. If they told you there is no supervisor thats no acceptable, there always has to be a supervisor around or a helper. Call them back in.
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                  sunnybabi1986 & newi04,


                  I'm sorry to hear about your issue with data calls being place with your hanset while you have not been using it. I'm not sure exactly what I can say here from not being officially recognized as an employee as a VZW agent of any sort. So I'll keep my response generalized and short. There are some issues with some handsets that Verizon is aware of. The validity of your charges can be investigated. The right agents are out there, please be persistent and patient while trying to get your issue resolved. Might I suggest calling into technical support so they can see if you handset is making unauthorized data calls to the network? Also I might add Verizon does not bill data usage as airtime minutes under verizon plans. They bill it as data usage (with no provisioning at a rate of $1.99 per megabyte, or a data package could be added to the account if necessary), having data connections come out of your airtime is something Alltel left you with. I'm not suggesting you get a VZW data plan, because it won't fix the issue with your handsets. What I am suggesting is to let technical support investigate your matter further.

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                    @ Sunnibaby


                    I had a similar experience with being billed for THOUSANDS of text messages that i know i did not make.  I called in and spoke with the reps at least 5 times.  They gave me a credit one month, but then turned around and cut my phone off the next month.  I had customer service supervisor to actually hang up in my face because i was trying to tell them there is no way on g*d's green earth that i'm a middle aged woman making hundreds of texts per day while  working my full time job. 


                    It has never been resolved.  In fact they told me i needed a SUBPOENA to see itemized lists of the phone numbers these texts are allegedly going to and coming from. 


                    I never had ANY problem like this with ALLTEL in my 5 years with them.  I miss the honesty, integrity, and reliability of Alltel. 

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                      The same thing is happening to me.  My bill has gone up $500 per month due to these data charges.  I am already involved in a class action lawsuit against verizon stemming from the last time I was with them and now I'm forced to be with them again.  I have never been in a legal battle with anyone in my life, but no one has tried to rip me off as bad as verizon does.  Well no more....Myself and many more will be switching carriers!

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                        I'm going thru the EXACT same situation.  Data airtime at 3:00AM etc, and other random times.  I'm 68 years old, would I be up at that time, on my cell phone on the Internet when I have two computers in the home?  Those DATA calls ran my minutes out and all our phone then got billed an extra 175.00 or more on my bill!  Their explanation:  my cell phone is self dialing in to update stuff!  I have 5 phones, the other 2 Palm phones have not been doing it.  My phone was checked by their tech rep and it is fine.  Near as I can figure, they want me off my old Alltel plan and onto Verizon at a higher rate.  Bet this is happening to many others.  They will get caught.  They are so dumb.  Zealous Attn "Generals are all over just looking for this kind of thievery and trickery.  They will get busted, don't business thieves ever learn?  This affair is making tracks like crazy.  You can send people to college but you cannot make people smart if they are dumb.:smileyhappy:

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                          MAYBE I CAN HELP


                          i had the an issue with this but luckily it began on the day i called in to do my debit payment


                          i called the automated number and was immeadiatly intercepted by a live operator


                          they explained do to a outdated alltel network i would incure excessive data charges unless i agreed to a 5dollar up grade????


                          i laughed and asked what exactly was being up graded they said well legally the couldnt force me to chance contracts but by paying the extra money i would be allowed to "piggyback" <----his word not mine....on the verizon data network.


                          now maybe you people didnt not get any notification ignored or whatever the case may be but i hoped this helped someone.

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