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    Network not available


      Anyone else have issues with the 'network' being available and then not available.  I am testing my droid with a 3G connection and a wifi about 5 feet away.  I get sporadic speeds from 0 down and 2411 up to 8351 down and 1059 up (this is with wifi).  I get 1000 down and 800 up on 3G.  The problem is that the network is not available or cannot connect way too many times.  Just wondering if others are having this problem or if it may be something in the hardware.

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          same here. i usually keep my mobile network off at home and stick to wifi, but since the new update, i noticed when i'm out that 3G is not connecting. i've toggled the network on/off. turned phone off/on. took battery out. did *228 option 2. 


          i'm on my way to verizon! have a feeling it might need a factory reset.