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    SMS Messages disappeared


      The history of all my SMS/MMS messages sent and received disappeared on my moto droid after sending an SMS today.  I checked to make sure I didn't have my settings set to auto delete.  Why did this happen?  Can they be retrieved?

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          Bumping this as the same thing happened to me. All text messages suddenly disappeared.


          I had auto-delete on but my text message limit per conversation was not nearly reached (was 2000 per conversation). All I can say is one conversation was around 1000 texts...might have been over already but I don't know. I checked and I have plenty of space available on the phone and sd card (phone is relatively stock).

          This was with the stock messaging app. I downloaded Handcent and it only sees what the stock messaging app sees (2 messages).


          Any suggestions? I suppose the texts are gone forever but I have no idea why it happened.