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    Text message records


       Hello I have a question... I have a phone through the business I work for but I was wondering if I would be able to get my text messaging records like a list of people I send text messages to mailed to me... is that possible and if so how do you do that?

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          You can get the last 6 months online on the My Verizon (or My Business) account, but Customer Service cannot send anything with that information on it.
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            How do you get the last 6 months on the MY VERIZON??

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              tstrom wrote:

              How do you get the last 6 months on the MY VERIZON??



              First, you need to register on My Verizon as the Account Owner. Once signed in, Account Owners will have five tabs at the top under the Welcome Greeting available to you: Overview, My Bill, My Services, My Profile and My Support.


              1. Click on the My Bill tab.


              2. Under the Billing Statement header, you'll see a drop down box with the date of your last six months of invoices. Select the invoice date you want to review. Usage records are billed in arrears. So if your invoice date is December 2, 2009, usage on that statement will be from November 3 through December 2.


              3.  Click on the Bill Details tab below the Billing Statement and invoice date.


              4.  Select the mobile number you want to review from the drop down box.


              5.  By default you'll see the voice records first, click on the link Data Details on the right side of the page.


              6. You are now presented with the all of the messaging records. Use the drop down box to filter the different data usage records like text messaging, picture messaging, downloads and mb/kb usage. There are numbered links and links for Next or All to go through the records or even download them to an Excel file.

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                I've talked to Verizon customer support a couple different times about getting text message bills (not what was said on the texts) for bills that are older than 3 months.  When I go to 'My Bill' online it only lets me view the last 3 months.  How can I get older text message bills/details?  Do I need to talk to a supervisor or is it truly that you cannot get older text bills?


                Please help, thanks-