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    loud bluetooth


      I am a over the road trucker. I bought the LG bluetooth device for my droid. Fine as long as the truck isn't running or not moving. I need a very loud device. Anyone know of a very loud bluetooth? Thanks.



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          Although I'm not a full-time driver, I have my CDL and I drive when our schedule allows (concert touring. I'm an audio engineer).


          I have had good luck with the Jawbone 2 while driving a semi, although the Freightliners that we lease from Penske are pretty quiet on the interiors, quieter than our little 26footers. The Jawbone 2 also has noise reduction that helps the callers on the other end hear you better. At $130.00, it's pricey, but I've had mine for a year and I don't like anything else.


          See it here...http://www.aliph.com


          Geri O