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    Droid help



      I am the new owner of an Droid and cannot seem to figure a couple things out, not sure if there are shortcomings with the phone or if I am just missing something and was hoping someone might be able to help me out.


      First, When using the turn by turn nav I get the list of directions and nothing else after hitting go, even after hitting map view. It by no means looks like a standard GPS like they show on the commercials and there is no audible directions such as "turn left on Elm street".


      Second,  what is the use for having voice dialing if you still have to physically select the contact? All other phones that I have had with voice dialing ask for confirmation then dial it for you.


      So either I am just missing something or there are a couple shortcomings with the phone\OS. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am guessing that there may be an app for the voice dial features but seriously why have voice dialing if you have to physically select the contact?? Other than those two things I love the phone.




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          Search this board with voice dialing and you will see that the lack of true voice dialing has been lamented more than once here.  Sorry for your loss.


          I have used the navigation (on the Moto Droid) and it has given me audio directions. 


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            Thanks for the info. Hopefully they will have an update for the voice dial in the future. So there should not be a difference between the moto Driod and the HTC Droid for the features on the Google maps navigation right? I will have to mess with it and see, but watching the simulator on the vzw site it does not show anything other than what I am trying..