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    Must-have apps for the Droid


      So I just got my Droid yesterday and I LOVE it. I can't imagine a better phone. It does everything incredibly well so far, and I have no complaints at all.


      So now I'm ready to download some apps... I looked through the forum but didn't see any posts with any recommendations. What are some of your must-have apps for the Droid?


      Here is what I need:


      • Digital clock widget for home screen
      • Weather
      • Sports scores
      • Movie showtimes
      • TV listings
      • Book reader
      • Flash light that uses the LED
      • Tip Calculator
      • Mortgage Calculator
      • Games
      • Anything else that shows off the awesomeness of the Droid!


      Let me know what's working well for you!

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          some of mine:


          PANDORA - I'm not one to listen to music much using my phone, but this program may change my mind. Just used it for the first time last night and it's pretty darn good. 


          RINGDROID - great little app for making ringtones or notification tones.


          WHERE - just about everything you need to look up.


          SMSPOPUP - take control of those text messages.


          ALARMS from Palmarysoft - do anything you want with alarms - very cool app.


          COUNTDOWN ALARM by Adam K, - great for those times when you need a quick alarm set for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, whatever time.



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            Thank you, those are all great, especially Pandora. Any other suggestions anyone?

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              Advanced Task Killer  (must have)




              Backgrounds  (this is killer)


              Battery Widget


              Bubbles Burst Lite


              Bubble Wrap Game




              CalWidget Config (great!)


              Documents to go


              Ethereal Dialpad


              **bleep**Droid (gotta have it)




              Flashlight (Im looking for an LED one also)


              Gem Miner


              Google Sky Map


              Google Voice




              Labyrinth Lite (best game)


              Metal Detector (the IPhone doesnt detect metal!)




              NewsRob (best rss reader)


              OpenTable (fantastic reservation system for eating)


              Pandora  (must have)




              Poke A Mole


              Punch O Meter


              S2 Calander  (must have)


              SlimeBall Lite


              SMS PopUp (must have)


              Spare Parts (must have)


              Speed Test


              Splat Bugs II


              Steamy Window


              Stewie Griffin Sounds


              Visual Voice Mail  (love it)


              Weather Bug (must have)


              Wiki Mobile





              The widgets I have one my 3 screens are the Battery Widget, Two Individual Stock Widgets, a Calander Widget, an clock, and the weatherbug widget.



              Anyone got some for me??


              I want something that has the LED for a Flashlight.  I want something that gives me a single vibration email notification.  I want something that keeps your freakin emails closed (prob will be a fix coming hopefully).   As you can see I'll take anything cool..


              Android and the Droid kick **bleep**!

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                Dont forgot...


                • Google Sky Map (stars, planets, etc)
                • Compass
                • Compare Everywhere (or ShopSavvy)
                • Barcode scanner (scans most barcode types)
                • Shazaam (recognize music)
                • Xtremelabs Speedtest
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                  Can you explain more about what the SMSPOPUP does and where in the market I can find it?  Couldn't locate it.

                  • 6. Re: Must-have apps for the Droid

                    do a search for SMS Popup (the space between the two words are important in the market)

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                      imdroidfan wrote:

                      Can you explain more about what the SMSPOPUP does and where in the market I can find it?  Couldn't locate it.


                      Yep, what he said above.  search for "SMS Popup".


                      Mainly, it allows you to set whatever notification you want for SMS and MMS messages that are completely independent of the core notification sounds.


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                        The SNES emulator is pretty cool, you can download ROMS off the internet and play Super Nintendo games on your phone :smileyvery-happy:

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                          Handcent SMS (much better SMS app than stock)

                          Advanced Task Manager (auto-kill tasks at intervals)

                          Locale (auto change phone settings based on location)

                          LockScreen On/Off (easily turn off the lock pattern)

                          USA Today (nicely designed news app)


                          Barcode Scanner (scan apps from androlib.com)

                          Shop Savvy (scan barcodes, then get a map)

                          Key Ring (replace key ring discount cards)

                          Places (easily find what to do in your area)

                          Pandora (kills the battery, but better than regular radio)


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