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    How early can you renew your contract?


      I'm not sure where this goes or if anyone has already asked this or not but how early can you renew your contract? I have heard that you can as long as it's been 20 months.


      My contract ends Dec. 24th and I went in the verizon store and they said I can't.  And the girl wouldn't tell me why.


      I am trying to renew my contract early because I have a motorokr and it first was replaced a year after I had it. Then they started sending me refurbished ones which would only work for two or three weeks and they kept sending refurbished ones...I am on my SIXTH rokr (5 in the past 6 months) and I don't want them to send me another one since I KNOW it will just screw up again.


      If anyone knows the extact weblink to the policy then PLEASE post it.


      I am going to take it into verizon and show them.




      --Oh yeah, I NEVER had any problems with Alltel but countless problems with Verizon. Also, will the policy apply for me since I am a former Alltel customer? Thanks again.

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          Upgrade Elgibility comes after the 20th month of a 24 month contract.  Make sure that your contract itself is up 12/24/09 rather than your UE date.  You should be able to check on My Verizon if you are elgible. 


          I know that with Alltel and doing an Exchange by Mail, you could request to get a different phone after the 4th one if it was a recurring problem.  I am not sure how it works with Verizon.  They might be willing to let you do an early upgrade if you upgrade to a VZW device and plan


          The other thing I think is that if you have any other lines on your plan that are elgible, you might be able to upgrade all the lines.