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    Netbook won't connect with Wi-Fi via my home wireless network.


      I can't get my Gateway Netbook to connect with my home Wi-Fi.  I have the netbook set up on my home network as an approved device, the netbook recognizes the network is available, and I have the correct WEP/WPA key entered in the netbook, but it still won't connect. 


      I don't even get the Diagnose and Repair error message, it just attempts to connect for a minute or two and when it doesn't connect, it reverts back to the screen that shows all available networks in the area.  Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?  I have 2 other wireless devices (an HP notebook and a Sony PDA) that have no problem connecting to my home Wi-Fi. 

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          Hi there, hopefully by now you've received help elsewhere, but if not, here's a suggestion for the WiFi issue with your Gateway netbook.


          Follow these steps, and if it still doesn't work, then feel free to email me and I can try something else.  I have the same netbook, but I'm actually an IT networking student, so I know some stuff lol.


          I will list step by step since I don't know how much you already know about networks, etc.  Although it should be easy to configure.


          1.  In your system tray (the bottom bar where the clock and volume are, etc), place your pointer over the computer icon for your wireless network connection.


          2.  Right click and choose "Open Network Connections."


          3.  Right click over the "Wireless Network Connection" and choose "Properties."


          4.  In the "General" tab, inside the white box with all of the check marked boxes, do NOT uncheck anything, but scroll down until you see the "Internet Protocol" (TCP/IP).


          5.  Highlight the words (just click once over them), remember do not uncheck that box.


          6.  Then when that's highlighted, click the box right beneath it, slightly to the right, that says "Properties."


          7.  Under that "General" tab, make sure that you have "Obtain IP address automatically" checked....this is helpful in case you choose to use your WiFi elsewhere, then you don't run into the problem of not being able to use someone else's connection.


          8.  Next, make sure you have "Use the following DNS server address checked. 


          9.  This will make the next 2 boxes white, so you can enter information there.




          1.  While leaving this network connection box open, just minimize it for now and go to your Start Menu.


          2.  Go to "All Programs"  then to "Accessories."


          3.  Click on "Command Prompt"  and type "ipconfig/all"  withOUT the quotation marks.


          4.  Right away, all of your computer information will pop up, and you should see a line that says "DNS Servers"


          5.  Jot those numbers down....for example, they should read something like 


          6.  Now go back to your Network Connections box...the "Internet Protocol" dialog box we just were in, and type in those numbers where it says DNS Servers.


          7.  Then click OK and you can close out of all of those other windows at this time.


          8.  Now try to either "Repair" your network connection or refreshing your web browser.


          That's it.


          Email me if this still didn't work and you haven't found another solution.  I am glad to help! 





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            Hello, Samantha again....


            I left out a KEY piece of information in my last post! 


            Half way down the instructions where I said to "OBTAIN DNS SERVER INFORMATION"....


            at that point you are to go to your Host computer, which is the main computer that the wireless router is running off of.


            The main computer is where you need to retrieve the DNS server information to input into your Netbook. 


            So, be sure to follow the instructions on your netbook until you reach the part to get your DNS info...that's where you go to your main PC...just to get the DNS address.


            Then input the DNS server address(s) into the Netbook "Internet Protocol" dialog box you have open.



            Sorry if there was any confusion! 


            Please let me know if this works! 

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              I was in a similar situation, and with your setup.

              I had run the network wizard which should take care of all the info Samantha was so nice to share.

              I could access my network with "a weak connection " and could not access my external hard drives.


              Desperate to understand what could be keeping me out, I looked at my router. I thought; what the heck, it will take a minute. Couldn't find the Linksys disk, so I inserted a usb stick into the laptop and went to My Computer. I reduced it's window and dragged the Linksys icon onto the usb stick.


              I inserted this into the netbook and had immediate and perfect harmony.


              Worked for me after much frustration, hopefully for you too.  YMMV



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                I'm sure you've already figured out what was wrong with your netbook by now!  But while that suggestion was a good one, the network setup wizard doesn't change the IP address settings automatically; that is something that must be manually configured.  I was in the exact same position when I first received my netbook and set up home networking.  I saw that I was connected and the signal strength was excellent, but I just kept getting an error message that I could not establish a connection to the internet.  So then I needed to make sure that the IP and DNS addresses of my netbook matched those of my desktop PC, which is the one the router is connected to.


                Also, that when you open up a browser window, that it's not checked that you're offline, and all you need to do with that is go to Tools and make sure that Work Offline is not checked.  Sometimes that could be the only problem...but for me, I had to make all of those changes.  I needed to learn how to do that anyway! lol


                Good luck

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                  To BBADICT

                  I found your posts to be helpful. However , I think we all hope for the easiest solutions. The description was exactly as the problem I had at purchase.

                  Perhaps the Linksys program provides all of the necessary changes since it contains all of that info.


                  At any rate running that router program ended about one hour's worth of wasted time looking for solutions. Of course I really don't ever consider that a waste of time, it is self-taught lessons in IT. It is always so gratifying to realize how much we have learned and that it will never stop. But oh the frustration we will go through going down that road.



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                    I tried what you said fixed your connection, but I didn't see any Linksys listed under My Computer.  Can you explain that a little, or just tell me where you went?  I take it you're in the IT field as well?  It can definitely be frustrating, but it feels so good when you finally find a solution! 

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                      You won't find Linksys under MY COMPUTER, unless, one, you have a linksys router, two, you drag it from the desktop to the usb stick on My COMPUTER, which also won't be there unless you buy one, if you don't have one, and stick it into the port, anyone of them.

                      No magic here, worked for me, but I wouldn't force it on anyone else.


                      All I can offer on this,


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                        My network connections are fine, but I was just wondering what you did to get yours to work.  I do have a Linksys router connected to my desktop, but I do not see it listed under My Computer.  Also, I do have a USB drive.


                        Is there some specific folder within My Computer that's hidden or something?  I never actually seen a Linksys icon or anything on my PC...maybe weird, but true.  I just know that it's connected and it works lol.

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                          Hi   I just purchased a Gateway netbook LT2016u from Verizon.  I have a wireless router at home and am trying to connect my new netbook to it.  I followed the previous posts about changing a setting to use a specific DNS server number.  I changed that and still do not see my home network.  I have a D-Link DI-624 router and my desktop has a wireless connection to it with no issues.  Does anyone have additional advice  for me to try?  Thanks

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