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    Droid Yahoo PDF attachments won't open


      Discovered an apparent glitch in the system on the Droid.  If you set up your email on the Droid with a Yahoo account you can't open PDF attachments.  Quickoffice allows you to open Word and Excel attachments, but not PDF.  Even if you buy an app like Documents to Go, you still can't open PDF attachments from a Yahoo account.  I also have GMail on the phone, it opens PDF attachments just fine.  Even tried to forward messages from Yahoo to Gmail so I could open the attachments, but the attachments won't forward properly.


      I've already escalated this to a Level 3 support provider, but they can't figure it out.  Went to the store, they can't figure it out.  Given the millions of Yahoo users that will want to be able to open PDF, this is a major problem.


      Anyone else from Verizon have a solution?  Is there a Level 4 support? Will this be fixed in the December or January software updates?

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          I will attempt to recreate and escalate up through the South Area and HQ Product/Device Subject Matter Experts.  As soon as I am given any information, I will post.



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            Thx!  Posted on other forums as well searching for solutions.  Lots of people with the same problem, but no one has a solution figured out just yet.  Otherwise loving the Droid.

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              I just got a new Droid on 11-10.   Great phone. but...... I bought it specifically to open and view  pdf files.   Doh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It won't do it.  I was hoping this to be an easy fix for the techies.  After one hour on the phone with the tech. The best suggestion he had was to change the "security type" setting to SSL(Accept all Certificates) This was a reach, and of course didn't solve the problem.   After reading the thread and hearing the Level 3 techs are clueless is scary.  Looks like I phone will win this round.   I would expect that Verizon doesn't want this little gem to get out.   This is a huge glitch.  Maybe the next ad could have the airplanes exploding before they hit the ground.  Talk about oversold.  It's just like the movies that stink and are over advertised.  (Rant, Rant) 


              P.S. Customer since 1988!!!!