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    Issues emailing to *@vzwpix.com addresses from BlackBerry Devices

      Essentially the problem is that when sending an email to Verizon *@vzwpix.com email address from a blackberry, the “from” is not properly created. This only happens when emailing to a *@vzwpix.com and does not happen anytime else. What happens is that I will send the email to ##########@vzwpix.com (where the #'s are the phone number) and the message is received by the person on their phone, however, the "from" field is mal-formed. Supposing I send the email from the address: admin@disturbedenergy.com when the message comes through, the 'from' is as follows "SRS0=tlTuuY=G7=disturbedenergy=admin@srs.bis.na.blackberry.com". I've done a ton of searching on this, and the only thing I have found is that the vzwpix gateway may be causing the problem. The other reason I believe it may be vzwpix as opposed to the Blackberry is that if I send the exact same message, only using my default Blackberry address (myaddress@vzw.blackberry.net), not only does the message not go through, but the message bounces as being "undeliverable" and only says the following "Message could not be delivered to mobile. Error:" Even more interesting is that the bounced email is from "MMSC NDR Administrator" with the address "sysadmin@m14.vzwpix.com". Still more interesting is that even though I received the bounced email it has the following "to" address: "SRS0=GO6HF5=G7=vzw.blackberry.net=myadress@srs.bis.blackberry.com. I have tried this on my BlackBerry as well as another one and I can recreate this every time. It is not specific to my phone as it not only happens with my Storm2, but the same things happened with my Storm1 and even on my wife's Pearl. Again, this behavior ONLY exists when emailing to *@vzwpix.com and not to any other. Any insight would be appreciated. DE