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    Phone upgrade and new plan issue!


      I have 4 lines on my Alltel plan. The first 2 phones are available for upgrades and the other 2 were added on a later date and not yet available for a new phone upgrade. When we talked to Verizon about getting a new phone upgrade for our first 2 phones they told us if we wanted to get new phones we would have to switch all 4 phones onto a Verizon plan which will cost almost $100 more than what we are currently paying with Alltel due to the extras we have added onto our current Alltel plan. It would cost $100 more at Verizon to get the same/similar plan that we currently have with Alltel. We asked if we could switch the first 2 lines to a Verizon plan and keep the other 2 lines on the existing Alltel plan. All 4 lines are under my name and it would stay that way if we could split the bill. We don't want to give the plan over to either of the other 2 lines and the account would still be under my name and I would still be responsible. They told us we could not have two separate plans which I do not understand why.  They would be 2 separate plans with 2 separate bills. We would not be changing the Alltel plan, we would just be disconnecting 2 of the lines which are already free of contract from Alltel anyway and switching them over to a Verizon plan so we can get our phone upgrades. They said that if my primary number changes to the Verizon plan that all of the other lines have to follow suit. I would like to know if I could somehow change the primary line over to one of the other phone numbers so I can switch my first 2 lines to a Verizon plan. Everyone on my current Alltel plan are 21 or older and the account would still be under my name anyway so I do not understand why I couldn't switch 2 numbers over and keep the other two on Alltel. They said that if the primary number switches that everyone has to switch. Without an Alltel store and no more Alltel customer service, how am I supposed to change the primary number? Why would it matter anyway if all 4 phone numbers are under my name? The other 2 lines want to get their own plan later on and no longer want to be on a plan with me and my other line. If they were to switch onto a plan with me that would defeat the purpose of getting a new plan somewhere else when they are ready to do the switch. They want to wait until their contract with Alltel is up so they can find a new plan elsewhere. They were with Verizon before switching to Alltel and are trying to get away from Verizon. Any help on this matter would be wonderful. Verizon customer service tells me they can not change anything on my Alltel plan because they do not have authority. Sounds like a load of bull to me and a way to make more money off of the poor Alltel community. Anything I can do without going through Verizon to make the changes? They only tell me nothing can be done everytime I call or go into a store.

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          I can understand your frustration, but let me try and explain why the account can't be split into two the way you describe....


          In order to split it so that "They would be 2 separate plans with 2 separate bills", one of the other two lines would need to be a primary line as well.  If you, as primary account holder, move, all the numbers on the account move with you - they are all tied together.  If two want to split off into their own plan, separate plan, separate bill, they can, but will need to stay with Verizon to avoid any ETF fees, and one or both of those two would need to set up as a primary line.


          You can't have a family plan and separate accounts/separate bills at the same time. 


          If they were to switch onto a plan with me that would defeat the purpose of getting a new plan somewhere else when they are ready to do the switch. They want to wait until their contract with Alltel is up so they can find a new plan elsewhere.  Still doable, switch all to Verizon now, then when their contract is up, move on.  What plan do you have now?  You said it would cost $100 more tohave the same/similar plan with Verizon?  Let's see what you have and what the comparison is I'm not really familiar with Alltel, but I do know Verizon plans pretty well, so lets compare.

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            My Alltel plan has 500 minutes for the 4 lines. It is a smart phone plan with 4 smart phones. 2 are blackberry phones and 2 are samsung delves. Unlimited text, unlimited net, unlimited video/pic message and 10 mycircle numbers for the 4 of us to split between us. We also all have navigation included free with our plans. All 4 phones also have full insurance coverage. Our plan comes to a total of about $220-$230 per month for all 4 lines. We would get 200 more minutes with the Verizon plan but we would lose our 10 mycircle numbers. The 700 minute family plan with Verizon does not include mycircle minutes (friends and family). Between the 4 of us we use roughly 1000-1200 minutes but only 200 of our minutes are actually counted because the other 800-1000 minutes come from our mycircle and don't count against us. We were told that if we were to switch just 2 numbers to a Verizon plan with the same features we have now it would be about the same we pay for the 4 lines with Alltel. They said it would cost around $250 for 2 lines with Verizon for the same features we have with our Alltel plan. I don't know how much it would cost for the same features if all 4 of us switched to Verizon but I know it would be more than we pay now. If you can help me more than the Verizon store I would really appreciate it! Thanks for your help and sorry it took me so long to reply.

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              Billabongfox,  before you switch over make sure your area has converted over.  If it hasn't converted over, you will still have Alltel voice mail and problems with coverage.  You, don't want to get stuck paying for a Verizon plan and get the same service as your Alltel plan.  I did the switch over, and spent 2 weeks trying to get a PRL so I had service in my home area, NE Ohio.  Now, I can't #228 when traveling, so either I have home service or poor service out of my home area.  Make sure you verify that your phone numbers become Verizon numbers.