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    Upgrade to Smartphone without Data Plan?


      I'm ready for a "New Every Two"  upgrade and would like to get a Smartphone. I presently have an LG dumbphone and the America's Choice 400 plan. The HTC Imagio makes sense for me because it has Wi-Fi capability, Quad GSM global capability, integrates with M'soft Office and Outlook, not to mention having bluetooth, speakerphone, and a camera. The touch screen is also really nice. I don't need cellular e-mail and web access capablility as I don't need to be constantly in contact - finding a Wi-Fi hot spot is good enough for me. However, when I start into the on-line upgrade checkout process, I am required to select one of two PDA/Smartphone Email plans, at an added monthly cost of at least $30. So, my question is - is there any way that I can get this phone without the extra monthly cost of adding a data plan on top of the voice plan that I already have?

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          Do a search around the forums.  ALL PDA, Smartphones, Blackberries require a  data plan, with or w/o wifi in the phone.  No way around it and not only VZW requires this, but all other major carriers do as well.

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            No, a data plan is required for all Smartphone, PDA and Blackberry devices.


            There are many good reasons that VZW requires a data plan for all Smartphones, PDAs, and Blackberry devices, which correlate to financial reasons, but mostly we require it so that the customer can use their advanced device as it should be used and benefit from EVERYTHING the device can do, which you just cannot do if you don’t have a plan. 


            Before this requirement, we were seeing an inordinate amount of customers using data and being charged a good amount on the for Pay As You Go data rate…  Also, Wi-Fi is a relatively new addition to our offering at VZW and while Wi-Fi spots are located in a lot of places, we pride ourselves on having the Nation’s Best and Largest 3G Network, hence we want it to work everywhere you need it to work and not have you to have to rely on finding Wi-Fi hot spots.  


            I suppose it comes down to, “It is what it is” as it is a requirement and not only by VZW, but by every other major wireless carrier

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              Thanks for a great post explaining why users need a set data plan to protect their wallet.  I quoted you in a similar post over in the Blackberry thread found here.



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                Can you get the HTC Imagio without data plan? No.


                You may, however, activate smartphones without a data plan on Verizon's network which were released prior to November 2008. These phones include:

                • Palm centro
                • motorola moto q9c
                • smt 5800
                • sch i760
                • xv 6900 (htc touch)

                Besides a data plan, you will only be able to use a "pay-per-kb" plan for pre-November 2008 phones ONLY. I recommend getting the pay-per-kb plan and putting a data block on your number to prevent charges. The data block can be done by contacting Verizon's tech support over the phone.

                KEEP IN MIND: MMS messages (picture, video) are considered DATA. If you put a data block on your phone, you will not be able to receive picture or video messages. Likewise, if you do not have a data block, you will be charged for the data of a picture/video message!


                You will ONLY be able to access the pay-per-kb option if you activate your phone over the internet by signing into "My Verizon" from the account holder's account. Log into the account, select the appropriate phone number to change, go to "Activate Phone". You will be prompted the following options:



                For a smartphone, you will have the choice of:

                1. Pay-per-kb: $0.015 per kilobyte, which is equal to $15 per megabyte. This can add up VERY quickly, considering a single pix message can often be 300kb ($4.50). This is why Verizon wants you to get an unlimited plan instead!

                2. Email and Web for Smartphone: ($29.99/mo)

                Verizon's description of this service:

                Use your PDA/Smartphone for personal email and Web surfing.

                • Access up to ten POP3 and IMAP email accounts, including Yahoo!® Mail, AOL® Mail, Windows Live® Hotmail®, and Verizon.net.
                • Easy email account setup.
                • Unlimited Web Browsing
                • Voice Usage: Per your voice calling plan.

                3. Unlimited data usage ($44.99/mo):

                Verizon's description of this service:

                This feature offers unlimited data usage for access to corporate or personal POP3/IMAP email accounts and web browsing. Customers with access to an enterprise mail server will have the ability to synchronize e-mail, contacts, calendar, and tasks. Qualifying voice plan is required.


                Before you commit to buying any of these phones, please verify this information with another source, i.e. do a Google search.

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                  It's a pain in the butt but yes you can, simply with a pay per kb use and tell them to BLOCK it. For added protection go to my networks and disable all checkmarks in there.


                  I have 2 droids at the moment, 1 HTC (my wife) and 1 Motorolla (Me). I have a data plan for work, my wife does not. Using wifi works fantastic for her, the only thing i haven't figured out is how to turn wifi on and off based upon GPS location, no "apps" out there for that yet, may end up having to write my own!


                  The cons though are simple, not all applications will work, some use broadband to work (Google Maps). But if you're like my wife, who simply wants a smart phone that works with phone calls, allows most applications to work, she likes simple games mostly. It works fine.


                  Don't BOTHER talking to the people in the stores, they'll tell you you "haveto" have the most expensive data plan (Commision based I'm guessing and Verizon probably doesn't kill thier commision if you change it via *611).


                  I love Verizon been a customer for 14 years, and i've had services because of work from most other carriers in addition to my personal verizon line, i think since 1996. The only failure they've ever had customer service wise is in thier stores, the people on the phone are wonderfull to deal with :smileyhappy:

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                    I understand the reasoning behind the forced purchase.  I don't like it.  I was ready to buy two Droids for me and the Mrs. but she doesn't really need a data plan, wifi access works great for her, she is very rarely away from a spot with wifi.  (Like, less than 10 hours a month.) 


                    I cannot justify adding 60 dollars per month onto our VZW bill, when we don't need the service that money buys.  I could swallow 19.99 per phone per month, or even better 14.99, but having multiple users in a household really amplifies the price of these awesome new devices.  I can't imagine the additional cost if I had two kids to throw in the mix like many family customers do.  


                    In short, if you're going to require a data plan, make it cheaper if the customer is paying for multiple devices with said required data plan


                    In the not-too-distant future, (and I'm sure VZW is aware of this) the majority of mobile customers will use devices with on-demand internet access.  It is in VZW's best interest to be the company that offers the best device, at the best price, and do it first.  The Droid is an excellent device.  Why not couple that with an excellent deal on data?  Make the phone irresistible.

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                      How can this be? How can you esscape the Mandatory data plan?


                      No one at Verizon will allow a smartphone (Omnia) without a data plan. Is a Droid not a smartphone?

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                        dawenico wrote:

                        How can this be? How can you esscape the Mandatory data plan?


                        No one at Verizon will allow a smartphone (Omnia) without a data plan. Is a Droid not a smartphone?


                        You CAN NOT, period!.  You either get a old smart phone like the guy mentioned in one of the post in this thread or switch to PagePlus Cellular.  PagePlus Cellular is a reseller of VZW service, so if you don't want your data plan just buy a droid or watever fancy phone you want w/o data plan and activate it under that company.  Whatever service you get with VZW you will get with them also.


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                          Have you had any probs since doing this with her phone.  I am wanting to get one of the droid phones but like your wife i dont need the data stuff when WIFI  works just fine for meas well. Look forward to hearing back from you thanks.

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