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    Text not going through


      I know many on here have mentioned the same problem about text messages not going through. I am wondering myself if this is happening to all former Alltel Customers?


      I rarely had this problem when I was with Alltel and pretty much as soon as Alltel merged with Verizon I started having a million and one problems with my service (i.e. text not going through, dropped calls, duplicate text, phone shutting off for no apparent reason, etc.)


      This is extremely frustrating especially with Verizon bragging about how the network follows you (sorry but this is a joke). When I had Alltel I maybe had 2 or 3 areas where my calls would drop, now it seems I have no service whatsoever on my way to work, God forbid I ever go over a hill while on my way to work, because without a doubt I bet you any money the network won't be with me!


      So my question is, is it only former Alltel customers having issues?

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          I"ve had the same problem...  it seems to be an on and off type of thing, though... some days my texts work great, some days it doesn't.


          This morning at a little after midnight a friend of mine got a text message I sent to them probably 12 hours previous.  What the heck is going on? 


          About a week or so ago I could send texts, but didn't recieve anything back.  Then, about 5 or 6 hours later our phones blew up with text messages that we should of recieved during the day.  This was a little urgent because a family member was in the hospital an our entire family relies on text messages to communicate on a day to day basis... 


          We were with Alltel and got a new Verizon phone less than a month ago and have had problems since then.