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    Droid Won't Turn On


      Day 2 with the Droid.  All was fine. 

      I had maybe half battery life last night and fell asleep without putting it on charger. 

      Today, woke up and the phone was off.  Plugged it in, booted it up and the battery had drained and the message was still onscreen and immediately shut itself down again.  Let it charge for about an hour and said it was 100% charged.  Used it today and it was fine.  But just took it out of my pocket and it was off and now I cannot get it to turn back on, not even when plugged into charger. 


      What should I do? 


      Why has this happened?


      I will now peruse the forums for more info.





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          Talked to Verizon Tech Support Rep and since i cannot turn phone on, I was instructed to go to my local store for a replacement phone.  Hopefully, this is not a common issue.

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            i removed the battery (hesitated because the battery cover is very hard to get on and off and i have heard some people may have broken theirs as the cover is always coming off) and then reseated the battery.  This fixed my problem.  I am now charging my Droid.  It was at 45%. 


            So the questions are... why did the Droid turn off? why would the Droid not turn on?  Why does reseating the battery seem to help? Should phone be replaced?  Software Power Management Problem?  etc...



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              I'm having the same issue only resetting the battery (bberry trick) does not work. It wont turn on at all.


              I'm so frustrated. 

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                this happened to me on day 2 of having my droid. took it out of my pocket but it would not turn on. Had at least 70% battery.  I reset the batter and it's been working fine since then. I'm hoping it was just a fluke...

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                  I had something similiar happen to mine, took it back to the store and got a replacement. Changed my google password as soon as I got home. Wish I could have at least turned it on to clear it off though.


                  Happened on the 3rd day I owned the phone. I hope this isn't some inherent flaw in the phones design... that would be disappointing.

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                    If you turn the DROID completely off, i.e. shut down the phone, you have to old the on button for about three or four seconds before it will power up. If you just put it to sleep, touching the button for a second will bring it awake. I thought my phone had died until I discovered this.

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                      Reseated the battery and everything worked.

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                        I am wondering if this is due to a unannouced OTA update.


                        Did any of you notice that the home screen no longer auto rotates unless the physical keyboard is open?

                        Also the startup droid sound is gone now.(don't miss that actually 


                        Think about it a OTA update was done and because of the changes caused problems until you hard rebooted the phone

                        by removing the battery.

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                          I think updates have been going on all along. The first four hours I had the phone it was slow to respond due to heavy traffice between my router and the phone on wifi. These things don't have to be announced. There are dozens of Motorola engineers in a bunker somewhere updating these phones as we speak.

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