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    2nd Phone with echo problem


      I returned my first Droid because of a terrible echo on the other end of all my phone calls.  Having the same problem with this phone.  Any ideas?

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          I'm having a bit of this problem too. Though only one person has complained about it so far.

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            I suspect there are others, maybe many, with the echo/feedback problem.  We bought three Droids and all of them have this problem.  Called tech support at customer service and they indicated that it is a known problem and that Motorola/google/verizon are working on a fix but nothing promised soon.  Could be a month before there is a software download.  That's what they said.  They suggested powering off occasionally for a few minutes as that seems to have a short term benefit.  That seems to help a bit but it comes back in our experience.  Not possible to carry on a conversation with all the echo and feedback.

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              I found that if I reduced my in call volume, it would reduce the echoing for the caller on the other side to something barely noticable. Once i raised the volume again, the echoing became much more pronounced.


              The good thing is that even with the volume down at the minimum value, I could still hear them clearly.

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                Thanks for the reply.  Did support indicate to you that it's an issue with all MotoDroids or it's just some of them?  If it's a software download that fixes it, I would think it's an issue with all of them.

                I ask because, of course, I'm trying to determine if I should go for #3 or just return the phone and go back to my trusty Curve.

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                  My Dare had this problem too. Verizon failed to acknowledge it since it didn't happen on every call and refused to replace it.


                  At least they are admitting there's an issue now.

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                    According to a thread on the Motorola board, this problem seems much more common.  Just to confirm, there are plenty of you that are not having this problem at all, right?


                    I just can't figure out if I need to give it a shot with phone #3 or return it altogether and wait for the fix on 12/11.




                    • 7. Bad voice quality on Droid

                      I posted this to the Motorola Forum as well. It seems that many people are

                      complaining about the voice quality on the Droid.




                      I'm on the verge of returning my Droid. I love all the applications and the user interface of the phone.

                      A really big improvement over my LG Dare EXCEPT phone quality. Often the sound I hear is

                      broken up and crackly for the first 3 seconds of the call. Then it clears up a little bit. What the

                      other end hears has a huge echo and my wife refuses to call my Droid. I have turned down the

                      volume and also tried to press the phone hard into my ear to prevent coupling from the earpiece

                      to the microphone but to no avail.


                      I'm seriously annoyed that the patch won't be available till Dec 11th because I simply can't

                      use this device as a phone and because my 30 warranty will have expired by then.

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                        Any of you try to disable voice privacy?  It's under Settings:Call Settings:Voice Privacy.


                        Over the years, I've read about users on other phones experiencing echos because of this feature.  Turn it off.


                        I have exceptional voice quality with my Droid.  No echo with clear sound quality.


                        Edit:  Don't forget to power cycle the phone after changing the setting.

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                          Just bought the Motorola Droid (A855) yesterday and it has the echo issue.  Caller or called party says that they hear themselves and I hear the conversation where some sentences are chopped off.  It is very irritating.


                          I understand (looking through other forums) that there will be a software maintenance release coming out Dec. 11 to fix this and other issues.  Some have suggested power cycling the phone, others say to reduce the volume for the call to help alleviate the echo.  I have found that neither are really a work around.  So getting another phone is not going to help.  The HTC device is an option.


                          This issue appears on the Verizon Wireless Product Technical Bulletin for Nov. 5, 2009 and is described as "Far End Echo".



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