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    Disney Mobile Magic


      This sounds really cool: http://allears.net/news/hnews.htm#


      Disney Mobile Magic - On Nov. 10, a soft launch of a new mobile application will be available to Verizon Wireless subscribers that puts a virtual personal tour guide of the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts right in the palms of their hands. The Disney Mobile Magic application provides valuable information to Guests such as attraction wait times for the park they are in, Disney’s FASTPASS Service return times and the ability to located their favorite characters using their mobile device. The application’s GPS technology displays park maps that pinpoint a guest’s location and can also provide suggestions on what to visit next, based on what is nearby. By providing location-specific, real-time guides for each of Disney’s parks and resort hotels, Guests can find what they’re looking for more quickly, navigate the park with confidence, and spend more time enjoying themselves in the park. The application offers live competitive trivia games, videos, character stories and other surprises to keep Guests entertained while waiting in line at the park. The application is designed to also provide specific services for a Guest while planning a Disney vacation from home. Additionally, a new, separate mobile website will allow any Guest with a browser-enabled phone to access useful information such as park hours, entertainment schedules and dining information. Use of this website is at no charge, and is similar to browsing www.disneyworld.com as Guests would on their computer, but redesigned for the mobile phone environment. This soft launch will provide the opportunity to fine-tune the application to better prepare us for the official launch in January.

      Disney Mobile Magic is only available on select Verizon Wireless phones. Functionality issues with the phone or the application should be directed to use the “Click-to-Call” function on their mobile phone or call Verizon Customer Care by dialing 611 from any Verizon phone or (800) 922-0204 from any other phone.

      Disney Mobile Magic is available for download and purchase beginning Nov. 10, 2009 for $9.99 per 180 days of service. To purchase the application, Guests can text MAGIC to 2777 from their Verizon phone.


      Does anyone know what phones will support this?