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    New Env3 keeps turning itself off


      My three month old Env3 randomly turns itself off sometime two to five times a day. Somedays it does not turn itself off. It is truly random to me.


      Any advice on this? Should I visit the Verizonwireless store to get this issue fixed? There seems to be others experiencing the same problem with this or other phones. What is the best way to fix this without cost?

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          Yes, take it into a Verizon store. They will replace it. Env3 has many bugs, this is one of them.

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            Thank you. I will do that.

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              Went to the Verizon store today. The rep said there was a new software availablefor my enV3. The upgrade took about one hour. Hopefully the software upgrade should do the trick and my phone won't randomly turn itself off.

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                Where do you download the updates from?

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                  I am not sure if people can download the software update from the Internet. I'm guessing that it is not publically downloadable software.


                  I took my phone to the Verizon store and the rep took it to the back office and installed the software update for me. The process took about one hour. This is a free service, so no fees involved. The rep did warn me that there was a very rare chance that all my contact info could get lost during the installation. He reiterated that the chance of that happening was very small.


                  Anyways, after the software update was installed, my enV3 doesn't turn off randomly anymore! Thank you, Verizon! I'm very happy with my enV3!

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                    I would not consider returning the phone for a new one as the "problem solved".  I have already done this and the new phone does the same thing.  Just about ready to take it back again for another exchange.  Obviously a problem for many that  upgrading the software or exchanging the phone is not an adequate fix.

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                      You are right. I marked the wrong response. Software upgrade was the solution. Changing the phone shouldn't fix the problem as you are only getting the same phone with the same software with the bug. Mismark corrected.

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                        I had this problem with my enV2. After missing an important call due to the phone being off, I happened(!) to I notice that if I smacked my closed phone against my palm, that this would cause it to turn off!


                        So I took the battery out and gently cleaned the gold-plated contacts on both the battery and on the phone with a soft white pencil eraser (the ones usually found on mechanical pencils are the right type. Be sure to blow out any eraser "crumbs" afterward). After reinserting the battery, the phone would no-longer turn off when bumped around. Much better now!

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                          Another Post suggests that the problem is the battery and its connection to the phone.  If you press on the battery on the back of the phone just right you can get the phone to turn off.   It's pretty repeatable, so one user commented that they've folded some paper up and placed it between the battery and the phone to take up any slack and help prevent the battery from moving/flexing and losing contact to the phone.


                          That being the case, software and exchanging both aren't likely to help unless the software update reverses some logic that was shutting down due to a momentary power issue.


                          A capacitor could help solve this problem.   There LG, that was free and didn't cost you anything!

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